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10 Fantastic Free Digital Marketing Tools You Must Know

10 Fantastic Free Digital Marketing Tools You Must Know

To get started with a website costs money and time. You have to do research, designing, advertising, testing, and software and lots to do. But, no worries there is a range of free digital marketing tools to help you out in digital marketing and make your life easier.

Here we listed top 10 Digital Marketing Tools For Digital Marketing Venture.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Free Digital Marketing Tools You Must Try

This would track everything on your website from the number of visitors and traffic sources to conversions and revenue, everything at free. This should be the very first thing to be installed on your site.

Google Analytics is the backbones of all your marketing campaigns, hence get it installed right now at the earliest.

2. Keyword Planner

A free tool to research and analyze the worth of keywords.

Just after getting your tracking sorted, you can start actually working on your website.

Google’s Keyword Planner is yet the best research tool with it’s technically designed for AdWords and perfectly works for SEO purposes too.

This tool shows a keyword’s traffic volume and its competitiveness.

3. MailChimp

An email marketing service that allows you to send thousands of emails per month.

MailChimp is one of the favourite tools for several digital professionals globally. This email marketing company has a few generous free plans to offer you up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 contacts monthly basis. This is intuitive and has several templates by default.

4. Mozinars

An online seminar hosted by the king of digital marketing Moz, and covers everything from SEO and copywriting to email marketing and designing.

While they’re not technically tools, Moz’s online seminars must be watched.

The topics of seminars have marketing automation hacks, content sharing tips and advice on how to grow your email list.

5. Peek

A free user testing your website with a choice to buy more tests if you like the results.

User testing is the core part of any digital strategy. Is your banner catchy? Is your menu intuitive?

To all the above questions, offers a freebie service called Peek that gives you 3 free 5-minute evaluations of your website monthly based.

6. LoopFuse

Now you can automate your email marketing and lead, and see how your conversions stride up.

LoopFuse is a qualitative alternative for marketing automation. Besides a paid tier, it gives an excellent free plan for those who want be on some fixed budget. The free plan has its own limitation of only one user, 250 prospects and 500 emails every month, but that’s quite enough.

7. Hootsuite

You can improve your social media presence by scheduling your content uploading in advance.

Though social media can take up all your time, not necessarily always.

Tools like Hootsuite that helps in social scheduling, allow you to write social updates in advance and schedule posting time, later makes you appear active without being so.

8. Boomerang

Add to schedules, reminders and automatic resend functionality to your Gmail.

Boomerang helps you to schedule pre-written emails to be sent automatically on fixed time. Also, it has options to set up reminders and automatic resends.

Boomerang is a great partner to Sidekick that boosts functions of Gmail and turns your computer into an automated workhorse.

9. Google Drive

Now you can work from any place in the world and with anyone using the cloud office suite, Google Drive. Recently, cloud technology is gaining grounds. Google Drive allows you work with anyone in the world from every corner of the world. No more long email series, multi-version Word docs and wrongly placed memory sticks.

10. Pixlr

Now is your inner designer and graphics skill, edit photos for free with Pixlr Editor.

Professional design suites where are very expensive, this would help you. If my search is a more budget-friendly alternative, then I must go for Pixlr Editor, a cloud-based image editor by the Autodesk.

Pixlr has several ranges of features and allows you to design graphics and edit images. To that even you are allowed to add some nice filters, various adjustment options, and a comprehensive revision history, and Pixlr can have features to replace software for basic tasks.

There’s are several sites that offer you free or premium stock images and they are easy to use and amazing. So if you are in digital marketing and want to boost your business, within budget then this blog must be of help for you.

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