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11 Upcoming Future Technologies That Will Change the World Very Soon

11 Upcoming Future Technologies That Will Change the World Very Soon

One manmade thing that never remains still is Technology. It is always changing, adapting and propagating, and often times things that appeared impossible, start becoming possible only a few years later. Several new technology gadgets come to market and get replaced by an advanced version of high tech gadgets, sooner. This blog is to discuss the future technologies that will change the world a lot.

What are new technologies about to become real in recent future?

Are you eager to read about what are some new technologies to become a reality in recent future? Then keep reading this blog, to know about all the futuristic technologies which have chances to become real someday, sooner.

One of the newest technologies with videos which were also a fanciful idea has been that of wearable computers, but now they’re much the next big thing to occur mainstream. This is really a cool new technology. The emergence of the Oculus Rift would probably combine virtual and augmented reality into a reality.

What are the upcoming technology gadgets in 2019?

Here we share a list of 11 interesting technologies that we can most probably see in the near future. You must be wondering if you can access these technology trends in 2019.

Well, to mention most of them are in their very nascent stages, they’re happening and at a good pace. While you can’t see these readily available everywhere currently, but at least it is now known that in due time, they will become real products which we can see, touch and utilize.

To know what are the latest technology breakthroughs, read the list we shared here.

1. Aerofex Aero-X

If you wish to see the Aerofex Aero-X, as latest gadgets in the market, which is an equivalent of the Star Wars speeder bike, is something you’ll want to keep your watch on. The Aero-X is the outcome of over 15 years of R&D. This is one of the most talked about emerging technologies.

Powered by a water-cooled 240 hp engine and 2 large rotors, this can go to an altitude of 12 feet and at speeds of about 45 miles per hour. It can carry about 310 pounds.

The company claims to tackle the dangerous effect that can arise due to using 2 rotors, ensuring that it will be safe and easily managed.

The device is now available for preorder for a refundable $5000 deposit.

2. Prosthetics with touch sense

Prosthetics with touch sense hand

In March 2013, Denis Aabo Sorensen got the privilege of testing a novel type of prosthetic hand, created by a group of engineers and scientists in Europe. They are unlike regular prosthetics; the new hand connects directly to the remaining nerves in Denis’ upper arm. This says that the “hand” has a touching sensibility and is actually controllable.

Initial tests showed that Denis could differentiate between different items like a bottle, a baseball, and a mandarin orange. It could also exert different levels of pressure, which allowed Denis to touch, hold and grab things. With this latest technology in the world, it will definitely reshape the world of many.

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3. Jet Pack International H202

These are making great walks in jetpack technology H202 and H202-Z jetpacks. Both of them are hydrogen peroxide-fuelled jetpacks which will permit users to fly up to 77 miles per hour in a maximum height of 250 feet.

Though, it’s a start only. They have great power, and the lack of travel time and distance is overlooked by how mobile and controlled the flight is, and how compact are the units actually are.

They are currently available, but not commercially. One can assemble the jetpack by oneself if he or she can pay $100,000 with ease.

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4. TALOS “Iron Man suit”

TALOS is an acronym for Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, a combat suit which the US Army hopes to become a reality within the next 4years. The company provides ballistic, fire and shock protection for Special Operations soldiers.

The aim is to give these soldiers better, mobile and more versatile protection than what exists now. The TALOS suit is developed with collaboration between corporations, universities and government agencies.

Though there is no working prototype, development is proceeding at a rapid pace. There is also a goal of testing a complete working prototype in August 2018.

5. Titan Arm

This is an invention by a team in the University of Pennsylvania and is a strength-increasing upper-body exoskeleton which will help you lift an extra 40 pounds.

Titan Arm

This is created to help people who suffered serious arm injuries or strokes and also provide extra strength and protection for anyone who lifts heavy objects in a job.

It is intended, to keep the costs low, the Titan Arm uses 3D printing techniques and helps in the prototype development cost to be lowered to £1200.

This and a fact that the developers gained extra funding by winning a2013 James Dyson Award signifies that the Titan Arm might just become a common sight in the future.

6. Cave2

This is a hybrid reality environment which allows artists, scientists, and engineers to be fully involved in their research. This is a 360° structure with 72 LCD panels, a 20-speaker sound system, and a 10-camera optical motion supervising system.

With 3D glasses, you can have the virtual experience and move through anything of your choice, be a human body or the solar system.

7. 3D Printed Food

This has really taken the world by a storm, and gradually people like the idea that it’s something more than just gadgets. Food is something that can be feasibly 3D printed.

This is the invention of Biozoon, a German-based company. It is creating the power of 3D printing to create seneoPro, a range of 3D-printable powder mixtures which solidifies when printed but melts quickly when eaten. The main reason is elderly patients who suffer from dysphasia, i.e. an inability to swallow.

Such a technology would lower choking risk, and the 3D-printed nature of seneoPro signifies that the caregivers and family members can easily mix the powders to create every type of dishes.

8. Super Maglev Train

Chinese researchers are looking into the next step of train transportation, beyond even Maglev technology.

Super Maglev is created on the Maglev technology, but it envelops the train in a vacuum tube, further lowering air resistance and allowing higher speeds. Researchers are of the opinion that such enclosed-tube Maglev systems can help trains to reach speeds of up to 1800 miles per hour.

9. High Power Wireless Charging

Wireless charging, till date, means charging through pads rather via wires and cables. Now a team from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology wireless charging can also be done from a distance.

The team showed a prototype that can wirelessly power devices about 15 feet away. The system achieves this by making use of a magnetic field, and is apparently powerful enough to charge about 40 phones, and can also power larger devices, like TV.

10. StoreDot Fast Charging Battery

A nanotechnology company told about a prototype for the next-generation battery which harnesses their knowledge of nanotechnology and energy storing technologies. StoreDot makes use of bio-organic “nanodots” that have more electrode capacitance and electrolyte performance.

This is a bit complex science, but the result is simple: due to these nanodots, the battery can be completely charged in just 30 seconds.

This is an eco- friendly technology, also power-efficient than several other nanodot technologies which often applies dangerous metals and chemicals. They’re also quite cheap to manufacture, so it’s predictable to have super-fast batteries in our smartphones very sooner.

11. Back To The Future Hoverboard

Though it happened to be a hoax, for a brief, moment, it seemed Future-fuelled dreams were coming true; an actual working hoverboard that wasn’t only a scientific experiment remained confined to a laboratory. The promo video, by a company named HUVr, featured famous faces like Tony Hawk and Dr. Emmet Brown; doing everything from riding around to catching footballs and even controlling the hoverboard with an iPhone.

And very sooner it turned out that it was a hoax by Funny or Die, but it captured imaginations of so many people which says that a real hoverboard is desirable by many or all. But the news right now is that so many new gadgets are coming out, sooner.

With this, we conclude about the future technology predictions. New inventions are happening globally, but what we shared is the list of some incredible technologies and their videos, which going to be a reality very soon. The above mentioned are some cool technology gifts which several R&D efforts going to bring for us. So which upcoming technology gadgets or video appeal you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

Keep visiting this space to know the latest tech news around the world. And if you have any future technology ideas and videos, get inspired by this blog, you never know when your idea can click a new storm in the world of technology.

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