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12 Useful Tips for Travelers On This Rainy Season

12 Useful Tips for Travelers On This Rainy Season

So are you heading to any exotic place or a regular vacation place? It could be Singapore, African Savannah or the streets in India. Wherever you go, you might end up thinking why I brought this stuff and not that? Although packing list is personal but some useful tips are universal.

Here we discuss useful tips for travelers on the rainy season in answers to some common queries:

 12 Useful Tips for Travelers On This Rainy Season

12 useful tips for travelers:

1. How to start packing: Small bag or the large one?

With this question, we are starting our list of useful tips. You must start packing with a small bag. Limited space will help you decide to pack the necessary items only. This will help you avoid taking additional things which are not unnecessary for your holidays.

2. How many outfits must I take?

The best is taking less and do mix and match. It’s wise to carry interchangeable clothes that could be worn in different styles and with varying combinations.

3. What size of items must I take along?

Go for items that are small to pack. For example, for winter vacation, consider carrying cashmere or thin woolen sweater and not a sweatshirt. Likewise, slacks instead of jeans and loafers instead of boots will be a good choice. For rainy climates, consider taking a rain coat which covers from head to toe.

4. Shoes! How many?

Do not take more than 3 pairs of shoes. You can wear one pair and pack the rest two. Like your clothes, select shoes that could be worn on various occasions and with several outfits.

5. What about toiletries?

Carry them in smaller sized bottles or containers which are adequate for your holiday and not the large containers in which they come.

6. How do I stuff my things?

Use plastic bags to compartmentalize your clothes, accessories, toiletries, and medicines. Plastic bags also get used to store dirty and used clothes and protect rest of the things from any damage owing to unnoticed leakages from toiletries or medicines.

7. What type of clothes must I carry?

Carry clothes made of materials which are lightweight, easy to wash and quick drying.

8. How to stack the clothes?

Instead of just folding your clothes, you could consider rolling them in a tissue paper. This rolling technique owes less space and also keeps them free of wrinkles.

9. What kind of suitcase should I carry?

Take a lightweight suitcase. Don’t think more money for better quality. Expensive designer suitcases are an attention seeker and are more likely to get stolen. Rather remember that a hard-shell suitcase can weigh up to 4 kilos and that would add to your total baggage weight. So buy a lightweight, good quality and simple suitcase for traveling.

10. What necessary things besides clothes I need to carry?

Always keep the scanned copies of your travel documents like passports, photographs, tickets, visas and also emergency and bank contact numbers in a web based email account that could be easily accessed in case of any misshapen with your documents and cards. You must also carry some general medicines and band-aid as the safety aid.

11. Where do I carry my cards?

Keep your cash and cards in different pockets, bags, and wallet to avoid being cleaned out if all the cash in case you get robbed.

12. What must be placed in the carry-on bag?

This is our last tip from the list of useful tips. You must place essential toiletries and a spare pair of clothes that might be useful in case your luggage gets misplaced or lost.

Before you start your packing, think ahead and write a list of all the necessary items you are about to carry to avoid packing extra unnecessary things. Don’t worry about any “what-if” occasions; stick to practical thinking and carry items that you gonna sure require during traveling.

Hope you find these useful tips for travelers helpful to you be in mind while planning your next trip. They have actually helped me a lot.

Happy Packing!!!

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