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5 Top Websites That Every Mechanical Engineer Should Know!

5 Top Websites That Every Mechanical Engineer Should Know!

During the college days, every concept can’t be understood through college lectures or through book language. You need some expert explanations, maybe is some online videos top clear your doubts.

Even some candidates get so hooked to the websites they end up doing entire preparation on the superb platforms.

To simplify for you and make study easy, we made a list of some of the best Mechanical Engineering Websites for Mechanical Engineers.

MIT OpenCourse Ware (MIT OCW)

This happens to be one of the best websites for mechanical engineering concepts. There is but no alternative to MIT OCW (OpenCourseWare). It’s a good source of information for not only mechanical engineers but for many other streams. Every content taught at MIT is also available online through MIT OpenCourseWare. It could be audio/video lectures, text content, e-books or latest inventions and patents, MIT OCW has it all for a student to expand his/her knowledge.


NPTEL by MHRD is one of the finest sources of information for Mechanical Engineers. Some of the well-renowned courses are Thermodynamics by Prof. S.K. Som and Fluid Mechanics by Prof. S.K. Som.

ME Mechanical

Began in March 2014, ME Mechanical has published many articles on various topics in engineering like automotive, machine design, manufacturing, hydraulic machines, thermodynamics, power plant engineering, heat transfer and fluid mechanics.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

An organization which welcome collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enhancement, and skills development across every engineering disciplines, towards a goal of helping the global engineering community which create solutions to benefit the students, entry-level professionals, early-career engineers to project managers, researchers and academic leaders, corporate executives, ASME’s members are quite like the engineering community

Engineering Study Material

This website has many e-books in one place for mechanical students. You must know the importance of e-books because every textbook is not easy to purchase and access.

Access Engineering Library

This website has quality content every relevant topic of Mechanical Engineering. You can find books related to every topic as well as explanatory videos to clear the doubts.

Believe me study become easy if you follow some methodologies and tricks. And to mention, when textbooks appear little tedious and less cheerful, the ebooks and only videos offer you some change of the moment. And not to mention about some lecturers who have an incredible skill of explaining things and make them easy like water. And when it is available online and free of cost, then why not take the advantage.

With this, we conclude. Hope this list of Mechanical Engineering Websites and the piece of information is useful to you.

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