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8 Free Plugins Which Every WordPress Blogger Must Know About

8 Free Plugins Which Every WordPress Blogger Must Know About

In this blog post, we shall discuss 8 free plugins that every Blogger must have. These plugins can help you in several ways from boosting your traffic via SEO to security and speed of your blog; everything you need to know as a blogger is here. To know more, keep reading.

8 Free Plugins Which Every WordPress Blogger Must Know About

1) Yoast SEO

The best plugin for WordPress for SEO. This plugin has 5+ million active installs. This helps you manage and set your post or page SEO such that you can easily search it on Google. Yoast SEO makes you choose a focus keyword when you write articles and then ensures that you use that focus keyword everywhere. It also develops the Blog’s sitemap such that Google can easily fetch it.

In case you are looking for a free plugin to improve your presence on search engines, you should try Yoast SEO.

2) MailChimp

This helps in Email Marketing. The main function of MailChimp is to transform your visitors to readers by providing options to subscribe to your blog.

MailChimp for WordPress enables you to add more subscribers to your lists for MailChimp using various methods.

You can also easily manage the list of people who subscribed to your blog and also send those emails through MailChimp at the same time and can also use cool built-in template designs to make your mails look attractive.

3) Onesignal

An effective and free plugin to convert visitors to your regular readers. It provides Web push notifications for your blog. Now Web push Notifications are messages that come from a website. You get these messages on your desktop or mobile without even opening the web page on your browser.

4) Jetpack

This is all in one solution for all your basic needs. Jetpack assists you in keeping your WordPress site secure, enhance traffic, and engage with readers.

Here is the list of features that Jetpack provides:

Traffic And SEO Tools

Site statistics and analytics (Free)

Auto-sharing on social media pages (Free)

Related posts (Free)

SEO tools for Bing, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and ( Paid)

Advertise program that includes the best of Facebook Ads, AdSense, AOL, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo(Paid)

Security And Backup Services

Force attack protection (Free)

To monitor downtime and uptime (Free)

Secured logins and 2-factor authentication (Free)

Scan malware, code scanning, and resolve threats (Paid)

Site backup, restoration, and migration (Paid)

Content Creation

High-speed CDN for images (Free)

Carousels, slideshows, and galleries (Free)

Simple embed from Spotify, YouTube, Google Documents, and more (Free)

Customize sidebars including Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds (Free)

Extra sidebar widgets which include blog statistics, calendar, and author widgets (Free)

High-speed, ad-free, and high-definition video hosting (Paid). You may like to see few Smart Tips For Writing Better Content.

5) Contact Form

A must needed plugin in your blog because it develops a simple contact us form for your blog which readers can use to connect with you.

6) W3 Total Cache

This improves the SEO and experience of users of your site by improving website performance and lowering download times. A very much needed plugin because it also improves your ranking on Google.

7) Floating Social Icons

This is a must-have plugin enabling an option to your readers to share your content on social networks if they like your content, and hence promote your blog.

8) All In One Rich Snippets

An essential plugin if implemented in a right way.

It is a gist of your page that appears in search results of Yahoo, Google, Bing and sometimes in the Newsfeed of Facebook in a nice format with star ratings, author photo, image, etc.

– It offers search engines the important and precise information to display in search result snippets.

– Rich Snippets are interactive to enable you to stand out from competition

– You can rank higher in online searches

– Helps Facebook exhibit specific information when users share your links on the same

With this, we conclude. Here are the mention about 10 best plugins which every blogger should have. Hope the piece of information was useful to you.

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  1. According to Optin Monster “Over 70% of your visitors do just that and never return”
    and thats true we have noticed this in our clients website and when we suggested them about Optin forms to collect emails and start taking actions, their sales started increasing.

    Everyone should at least try once and do A/B testing with it. Check what is working for them and then take the next step.
    you have covered the most important plugins that anyone will love to go with. The only draw back is “for a newbie – its costly”

    Even when we started we were looking for free options because of the restricted budget that we had.

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