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8 Guest Post Pitch Tactics That Never Fails

8 Guest Post Pitch Tactics That Never Fails

Are you looking to submit a guest post and you are perplexed how to start? Well, you need to make a good pitch when you wish to look for guest blogging opportunities. To know more keep reading this blog post.

Now if you are new to it, let’s tell you about guest blogging meaning

Guest blogging is an approach used by bloggers to get high blog traffic where bloggers write posts to be published on other bloggers’ website. And if you intend to write on others website, you need to send them a short pitch with a mention about your blog and how it could help them in attracting traffic. In similar reference let’s explain what is guest posting in SEO. When you write for some brand or company and your guest post gets rank in search, this gives your brand some extra awareness and maybe even clicks, that depends on the incoming traffic.

Now here, let’s talk about the role of digital editors.

The role of a digital editor includes continuously looking into several pitches from eager authors and also reviewing, editing, formatting, and publishing the content makes it a very complex position.

To mention content development has become a major part of the successful business to reach their target audience. Editors work really hard to offer useful content on a daily basis but ends up spending a lot of their time spending in looking after and sorting guest blog pitches that are often not that appealing.

So here we share some great tactics to impress a blog’s editor and get your work published

1. Start with a relationship.

Let’s take a look at a pitch which says:

Hi Shelly,

Cheers from a chronic wanderer, who also made a pit stop in South Florida. While you got pulled away to the Big Apple, I settled down in Delray Beach. Being an enthusiast in PR and digital marketing, I consider you could be interested in the following researchers on content marketing.

Now what can you perceive from this:

The sender figured out whom he or she is addressing, which means the information was taken from the About page.

The person visited the Twitter profile and used the “chronic wanderer” line from the bio.

The person visited About.Me page and learned where Shelly was living for a short time and next started to stay in New York City.

If you really want your article getting published, then you must realize that your relationship with the editor is very important, and also the quality of your writing.

Make the editor find your pitch interesting.

2. Do extensive research.

An obvious thing it is. You should know what sort of article they publish and what guideline they follow. This is because guest post guidelines won’t be any different from that of their own blogs.

You can share them for an idea that a blog recently got highlighted, and consider writing on a common topic or writing a follow-up post to a specific article.

3. Prove your worth.

The publishing platform is more interested to help the readers with new and creative content and not the writers. Hence telling them in a pitch about having a successful business or a startup has nothing to do with the editorial team. They are more interested to know how your content can help the audience.

And the relationship of a guest blogger with an editor is completely beneficial. When the blogger gains new followers or even new business and the publishing platform gets a new perspective. This is a very important point to be included in the start of your pitch.

4. Subject line matters.

A successful pitch begins with the subject line. You should offer something valuable, or compelling in only a few words.

Here is an example:

Your Gut Feeling is Right, Video is the New Frontier

And a not so good one:

Inquiry for Guest Posting

One is specific and provocative; the other is generic and dull.

5. Value and respect an editors’ time.

This is significant in developing a good professional relationship with an editor.

You can’t expect to read, review, and decide if an article is right in a day. Or in next three days. And also can’t assume that your article can go live immediately it gets approved. It is expected to take more than a week’s time might be the entire month.

6. Offer creative options for content.

You must spend time thinking about topic or ideas that are unique and can attract traffic. You need to give multiple article ideas in your pitch. It will tell your editor about your versatility in knowledge and that you are willing to work with them on the best possible match for their audience.

And when you finalize the final topic, offer at least 2-3 title options and visuals. This helps the editor in doing what he or she does the best.

7. Write once, edit several times.

More than 50% of editors could delete a pitch which includes spelling and grammatical errors, irrespective of how good content is. This is because if you don’t pay attention to the pitch quality, you even won’t bother to provide quality content either.

While your subject line gives the first impression, your pitch will either make or break your chances.

8. Include amazing visuals.

In this age when our attention span has greatly reduced, an inclusion of great visuals help the editor, and it also makes your content to compel the readers to read and share. Remember that, visual content is processed more than 60,000 times faster than what only text can generate.

Another additional tip is that you can create your own visuals, and not only depend on Google database.

With this, we conclude for now. Are you looking for guest blogging opportunities? This piece of information could be of your help.

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  1. Well, this kind of approach is quite difficult but very effective as well!

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