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Top 8 Programming Languages to Learn for 2018

Top 8 Programming Languages to Learn for 2018

Programming languages or computer languages would continue to flourish through the time and continue to be used in the year 2018. But what is difficult, is to decide which one would be an important language. So learning the right languages now will help you in your career. This blog will help you decide which programming language to learn. You need to know at least the basic programming languages to excel in the industry.

But you must wonder what decides if a programming language is trending.

This could be a question in the minds of several skilled programmers. Also, it not easy for the computer science students, to know what is trending in Programming Languages? So, here we share the secret to all the Top Best Programming Languages to Learn for 2018. Here are a few suggestions to know about the trends in the programming languages:

Github is a space where you can online learn about the latest projects in various programming languages. You can also remain connected to the platform and find what are the types of ongoing projects.

You can join various online communities and stay in touch with them.

Fiverr is an international space, where you can find daily thousands of projects on C++, Python, Java, C#, Ruby and other Programming languages. Stay connected to this platform and remain in touch and check their updates and what sort of orders are being placed there.

Other online platforms where you can remain in touch are Upwork or Freelancers.

Info-graphics for Best Programming Languages to Learn for 2018

Info-graphic For Programming Languages to Learn for 2018

We list here top 8 computer programming languages for 2018:


An easy to learn and implement the language. Its use is free and can be used for both web-based and hybrid mobile applications. This is also now a popular server-side language providing single syntax for both front and back end of both the web-based and mobile applications. A technical scripting language which does almost everything that a programing language do. It is about to be the most popular language for the next 5 years or more. JavaScript is the combination of Java, Smalltalk and Scheme. You can learn more things about it on JavaScript official website.


This is conventional, one of the most popular languages. This language is known for pushing processors to their limits. A flexible language that could be used for almost everything from video games to financial applications, anything where speed is essential. To get more details on C++ you can check on


java language

Enterprise businesses, like financial firms, banks, and insurance companies, use Java owing to its speed and performance. Moreover, the Android OS runs on Java which singly provides a huge market to sustain its popularity. Get more information at


C programming language is ported to most platforms, increasing its longevity. One of the most powerful attributes is its ability to allocate and write to memory, directly. C-syntax is elegant and tidy. It forms the base of many modern languages used currently. To remember, for low-level microprogramming C is the only option. It is always better to have knowledge of basic programming concepts. And learn more about C programming with the help of


perl programming language

This is a process and experiment automation real-time language and programming language developed for multitasking and do real-time programming. It is a high-level language and is fairly cross-platform. The best resources for Perl is its official website


Python programming languages

A predominantly used language by people in the field of statistics and science. An easy to learn with a dedicated community which creates libraries to aid you in finding what you must know. You can start learning python with best resources is

Python is a multi-pattern programming language, which means it supports both OOPS and structured programming.


swift programming languages

A new programming language released by Apple in 2014. It a modern language which could be easily learned. It borrows a number of useful characteristics from other popular languages. Swift is the singular choice for iOS development, which indicates that, as long as Apple maintains its lofty position, Swift will continue to be a popular language. Get more information about swift programming language on

8.Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails programming language

Similar to Python, Ruby also has a strong community which is supporting and developing it. One unique attribute is that the language can accommodate to changes, making rapid development easy. The only disadvantage is that not all hosts support Ruby on Rails, but the scenario is gradually changing. You can check more information at

With this, we conclude. Hope this article helps you to know the best programming languages to learn for jobs and pursue your career well.

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  1. This is really great list of programming languages and I will choose JavaScript for great future programming language.

  2. hey, what about C#?
    Is it worth learning? Are there good opportunities to apply this language afterward?

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