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Top 9 Education And Learning Apps For Students

Top 9 Education And Learning Apps For Students

In the world of Smartphone or tablet, there are several mobile apps, with a diverse range of software which helps to make education easier and they are the apps for students. There are some serious applications that guide to solve equations for students in higher classes to learning games for toddlers; you get everything in a Play Store. This article addresses some of the following common but essential queries:

  • What are some must-have Android apps?
  • Which are the best apps for a college student?
  • What are the best apps for university students?

In gist, this article provides an answer to what are the best apps for studying? There are several educational apps for student Android users and in this competitive era, you must be well equipped with them to be ahead of the race. You may think there are lot’s of applications on play store and how to decide which is the best app for study, so here we go with your doubt….

Best apps for students

Here we list several free apps along with a few paid ones for your assistance.

Take look at the best apps for students:

1. Duolingo

This was created in the year 2014 and never failed to date. A language learning app which teaches languages in small chunks via mini-games. The lessons become hard as you farther get into learning, but it always a fun. It supports more than a dozen languages. It is free to use and with no advertisements. An amazingly good app for both adults and kids. Once you have mastered Duolingo, you can go for Memrise, Rosetta Stone, etc for more advanced language learning.

Price: Free+

2. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best places to get an online education for free. They have partnered with 100+ top universities worldwide to offer quality education at a price everyone can afford and their selection is huge.

The Coursera classes follow a schedule; it is flexible such that you are not locked at specific times in the day. There are interactive classes, available in about 14 languages, and all course contents are offered free.

Price: Free

3. Mathway

If you want free instant answers to your math problems, you need to subscribe it. This also includes step-by-step work and explanations. Easy application, correct solutions and a brief description of the underlying concepts make this a wonderful app to have on your Smartphone.

The app has topics like Basic Maths, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Chemistry.

Price: Free+

4. Brainscape

This boasts to double your learning speed with the help of flashcards. It is free to create, share, and find user-generated flashcards. Pro subscription is charged with $10 per month, $30 semiannually, or $36 per year. You can opt for a lifetime subscription for only $80 as well.

Price: Free+

5. Khan Academy

A very popular online resource for learning. It teaches classic subjects like science, math, physics, economics, and much more. You can learn new concepts or brush up the older stuff. It is completely free to use with no fees or hidden costs. Best learning app on no budget!

Price: Free

6. Ready4 SAT

This goes well beyond just finding you to answer practice questions. It aims to teach you material and test-taking tips in mobile-friendly ways so that you can study anywhere and anytime you carry your Smartphone.

Price: Free+

7. Udemy

A more popular course-style learning app and focuses on skill-based learning. It has courses on subjects like Microsoft apps, Adobe apps, and you can also learn things like public speaking, cooking, and other stuff. There are several courses for free. The courses revolve around video lectures with examples. Hence you can watch them whenever you wish. It is also a great app for learning programming you should learn some in-demand programming languages like the top in-demand programming languages for 2018.

Price: Free+

8. Photomath

This is an app for high school students who need somewhat more guidance with sorting maths problems. Photomath is your math buddy which can instantly solve and explain every answer.

Price: Free

9. TED Talks

To get a healthy dose of insight, you need to hear TED talks. No other organization ever built up such a large collection of interesting speakers from every part of the world.

Topics on TED Talks include social media impact, human psychology, revolutionary social relationships, and behaviour, creativity and passion, and learning how to be inspired.

Price: Free

Some bonus information!

Note Takings Apps

While you use those apps, you need to take notes and this is how note-taking apps help you. Although most smartphones come with a basic note app, you need some advanced features to help you organize your important notes.

There are many apps available on the Play Store, most of them are very user-friendly here we mention Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, only a few to mention.

Amazon Kindle

This is a very traditional learning app. The service offers you a number of reference guides, textbooks, how-to books, self-help books, and more. Those who don’t like Amazon Kindle, you have other options like Google Play Books and Nook by Barnes & Noble which are both better options.

Price: Free


In this digital era, taking help of these portable apps is a wise option. Application of mobile app makes you free from classrooms, stationary chairs, heavy books, or a strict schedule.

With this, we conclude. The above apps could act as educational apps for teachers as well. Besides what we have mentioned, if you have any other name of best educational apps android, let us know in the comment section below.

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