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Best Software Courses For Freshers In 2018

Best Software Courses For Freshers In 2018

IT sector has been being the largest private section employer for several decades and offers many opportunities and remains one of the all-time trending career options for job seekers. Three of the largest IT service companies are Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro, as they have dominated the recruitment workforces.

Here we mention some courses that could help you find the best job opportunities in IT field:

1. Mobile app development

Mobile app development

With more demand for mobile application in every business, this course is gaining importance fast.

With the increasing need for the mobile application, it helps in developing app software for smartphones. Many applications are either previously installed in the smartphones during its making or provided as apps in the apps store.

Since more businesses follow mobile app development instead of opting for mobile-friendly sites, this course is gaining importance. With services of mobile app development, iPads, smartphones, and tablets have higher resources for the common people. With many growing professional mobile app developers, companies can have a competitive edge over their opponents in popularizing the brands, product or services at a global level.

Eligibility: The apps will be written in programming languages like C, C++, Java or C #. The choice of language is based on the mobile platform and OS you select.

Career: You can begin your career as an App developer, and on learning experience, you may work as a project manager handling several app development projects.

One way is that you can opt for Online training where you get practical experience in mobile app development. The next one is training courses like Certified Android App Developer and certified iOS App Developer which will help you get updated knowledge in this field. Certification courses are:



CompTIA Mobile App Security

2. Project management (PMP)

Project management (PMP)

A globally recognized professional position offered by Project Management Institute. PMP is a must in every sector.

PMP Course Training

The significance of the course: The certification holds universal standards of excellence for certifying the abilities and knowledge needed for project management of a team.

Eligibility: The candidate must have minimum qualifications and possess proficient communication skills, basic knowledge of English and a good hold on computer and internet.

Career: PMP makes your resume more attractive. This happens to be the most reputed project management recognition and the best certification irrespective of any industry.

3. UI/UX Development Frameworks

 UI/UX Development Frameworks

It is an intuitive and huge web design career course for making designs cross-browser and for a better-looking interface.

Where UI refers User Interface design, UX is for User Experience Design. Being an expert of UI/ UX Development Frameworks enables you to make the user interface well-organized and simple. IT companies and entrepreneurs employ front-end developers. Starting from user interaction to graphical design, everything is looked after by UI/UX Development Frameworks.

Eligibility: Fundamental knowledge in programming along with a complete understanding of HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. Knowledge in Photoshop, Bootstrap, and Dreamweaver is also essential.

Career: The career choices available to candidates certification in UI/UX Development Frameworks are:


Assistant Programmer

Senior Programmer

4. Web Programming/application development (PHP Frameworks, Ruby, and Python)

The course looks into the technical needs and concepts of client and helps students with sources for designing, develop production, check web apps and strategies to locate the sources.

Latest Courses

Programmers must have known about.NET, PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby.

The Importance of the course is a short-term job oriented course. Several public and private companies hire web developers for online and web development work. The increase in online industry has provided a boost to the demand for web development professionals and created good job opportunities for aspirants.

Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree is the minimum need. Some advanced positions need master’s degree as well. Coding courses includes.Net, Pearl, Python, Visual Basic, SQL, PHP, and Java.

Career: You can start working as a freelancer or in a web designing company. There are several companies looking for web developers for both front end and back end. You can also work individually as a web designer.

5. Database administration (DBA)

Database administration

If you’re in search of a job profile which mixes well with your love for IT and new technologies, along with your communication and problem-solving skills, then the DBA course is for you.

DBA Course Training

The significance of the course: A Database is stored and organized for future use. A Database with better the utility and design, the better an organization can compete. A DBA helps the companies keep the database standard and well-maintained.

Eligibility: A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is a must for IT jobs. But, with greater demands nowadays, the entry-level job only requires an associate degree in computer science.

Career: The programmers, data analysts, and manager are the perfect candidates for a database administration job profile.

6. Digital Marketing (Digital Technology Platforms)

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Technology Platforms is about the concepts of digital marketing like SEO, PPC, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Website Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Mobile Marketing.

The Importance of the course is that you can prepare for the top digital marketing accreditation exams like OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associates), Google AdWords, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing and Google Analytics certifications. You have an opportunity to become Twitter advertising as well.

Eligibility: Anyone with a minimum knowledge of websites, good communication skills in English, and internet knowledge can take up the course.

Career: After certification, you become a virtual digital marketing manager for any company. You will know how to plan, formulate, and implement effective digital marketing strategies with marketing strategy module.

7. SQT (Software Quality Testing) Automation

software testing

Software Testing Automated is a procedure by which the programming tools use pre-scripted tests before taking it to the production stage. Testing automation software is the best way to enhance the efficiency, efficacy, and coverage of software testing.

The course aims are to ease the testing efforts as much as possible.

Eligibility: A candidate is expected to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering. For senior-level positions, a candidate must have advanced training in the program, develop and implement automated software testing equipment and procedures.

Career: Whether you wish to become a software tester or get a senior level job, the advanced certification course will offer you leverage your career. Starting from the entry level role to an executive and senior software testing engineer, all designations remain open for you.

8. Advanced Java Frameworks

This course has been made to offer a complete knowledge to those who wish to develop their career as an expert Java Developer.

Some of the advanced Java frameworks courses include Drools, Jspx, Dagger, HK2, Spring MVC, JSF, Vaadin, GWT, Grails etc.

The course helps to get real-life Java project experience with ongoing industry concepts. You will learn how to construct apps using Session Beans, Java server pages, Servlets and more. The course makes you a full-time Java program and app developer for various platforms and OS.

Eligibility: The course is for the undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates as well.

Career: After certification, you become a Java developer and also opt for Hadoop. You have career options ranging from Java Video Gram Programmer, Java Web Developer, Java Webmaster, Java Developer and Web Software Engineer.

9. DevOps

This course enhances your developmental skills. You start with several ways to extend Visual Studio, managing issues of multiple applications and assemblies. Find how to develop and debug Windows services and how to create and test apps for Windows smartphones. One becomes an expert at working with XML, both in writing as well as reading data via XML DOM.

The course allows you to explore and experience the development of Business Information Systems. The candidates with this course are an advantage to their companies and create a tough competition for their competitors.

Eligibility: The degree necessary are majorly in Linux/UNIX or JAVA command line. Candidates must have knowledge of Java and MS Technologies.

Career: Architects, Software Developers, Dev Managers, Technical Project Managers, IT professionals, Deployment Engineers, Operations Support can acquire this degree and get raise their pay scale and job profile.

Final Say: With several trending career oriented software courses for fresher, it is absolute for you to have a good career in the coming years. The above-mentioned jobs have a great scope of development and will definitely witness a great hike in pay scale as well.

With this, we conclude.

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