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What Is The Best Winning Strategy For SEO In 2018 And In Future

What Is The Best Winning Strategy For SEO In 2018 And In Future

With the start of 2018 people in the field of digital marketing plans and make strategies for their clients. Here e discuss the future of search engine optimization (SEO) and how digital marketing is going in 2018 and beyond.

The world of digital marketing changes fast. Google updates its search algorithm about 500 – 600 times yearly. Much of the time, the changes are so minor you would not see much effect in your rankings; however, Google also sometimes launches big changes which can shift your results.

So without knowing about the changes that Google will do next, how can we understand the future of SEO?

History of SEO:

SEO tactics started in the late part of 1990’s soon after Google was launched in 1997. Two big problems appeared with Google when it first started:

  • Quality of content was poor
  • People had to struggle to get their quality information seen

Previously, there were no specific ranking criteria. People started catching on to several ways to get their information seen; and started keyword stuffing, buying spam links, and creating duplicate content. This reduced the quality of the content seen.

History of Google

Google’s Improvements

Google soon developed an algorithm in a hope to pull only the best content on the web. In 2004, Google started to penalize websites which use black hat SEO strategies and started focusing on white hat strategies.

While early algorithms were not much near perfection, Google kept improving.

The Future of SEO in 2018

In 2018, 2019, and even 2050, content would always be the key. What could change; is the way users want content to be communicated and the different platforms on which customers can find information.

1. SEO Tactics Must Include Mobile Capabilities

In 2015, Google announced it would favor websites who are mobile friendly. For a reason, that’s what users were using to find information. More and more people were finishing a search on their phone, and wanted to come across answers they could read on a smaller mobile device.

This inclination towards mobile isn’t going anywhere. In fact, most of the searches come from a mobile device.

SEO in 2018 would continue to be geared towards mobile-friendly searches.

2. Engaging Content is a Must

A Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google said that content is one of the top three ranking factors that Google uses. As Google is becoming smarter using artificial intelligence, quality content is increasingly important.

In 2018 and beyond, content must be unique, relevant, and engaging. Structured content which is easy to read and navigate isn’t just important now but will be even more important in the future.

3. Significance of Inbound Marketing

We often get to hear is that SEO is dead. It’s not true, in reality, SEO is a crucial tool for digital marketing success. In Google’s hay days before Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, search engines were the only way to get information.

The differences between Inbound Marketing and SEO

The fact is that SEO is a tactic used for inbound marketing strategies. While SEO is not the only tactic, it’s one that helps you get discovered online through search engines.

Next Year’s Strategy

Ta talk about planning 2018’s SEO strategy, keep the below three things in mind:

Ensure your content also looks great on mobile devices

Content will always be the king.

To market that content and use inbound marketing tactics to enhance the overall online exposure, is essential.

Also, know and keep in mind that, the way people use Google is constantly evolving, meaning SEO must change too. The only winning SEO strategy is to remain updated with changes, strategic, and driven by users.

With this, we conclude. Stay connected with us and keep visiting our website ForumMantra and follow our Facebook page for more updates and news.

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