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Top 20 Biggest Travel Mistakes: Tips To Avoid Them

Top 20 Biggest Travel Mistakes: Tips To Avoid Them

No matter how frequent travelers we are, some mistakes we do and at times they are really frustrating. Here I listed some of the most common travel mistakes and hope that the tips can help you avoid them.

Let’s See The List Of Common Travel Mistakes:

1. To have high expectations about itinerary

Better remain flexible! There could be some changes in plans due to weather or monetary reasons. There could be times when you must shift from plan A to plan B. You might not need to see a country in one single visit, there could be several trips only to accomplish your desire.

2. Blind trust in every direction shown by the locals

Instead, ask several people for directions to the same place. If the person comes with hesitation or appears confused; know that you need an additional help.

3. Overpacking

This is very common and at times annoying as well. Once you pack your luggage, make a quick review of what could be not necessary.

4. To rely completely on Guide Books

The guidebooks are to share a set of information; not to show you directions. It’s wise to communicate with other travelers and people there. Also, try exploring the place there could be many places which are not mentioned in the guidebook.

5. Not informing the bank of foreign transactions in future

This could lead to cancellation of your debit card due to unusual activity, so notify the bank ahead about your offshore travel.

6. Unrealistic budget

SO you need to make a realistic budget such that you can stick to it and have some space for unexpected expenses. If you are traveling for a long duration, make weekly transfers from your savings to your checking, in that way, you can keep a track on your expenditure.

7. Booking

Usually, we book connecting flights with very short transit time, hence missing your flight

Rather, keep at least a couple hours between the flights to avoid any delay.

8. No travel Insurance

A few extra money on insurance will give you the feel of being more secure in case of any mishap or emergency. Read the brochure well to know what is included and if that suits your needs.

9. No back up for pictures and losing them if camera gets stolen or any virus

Rather, carry CD/DVD or pen drive or host the pics online to sites like Picasa and Flickr. This mistake is really heartbreaking, so try to avoid it.

10. Not making extra copies of important documents

You need to carry a hard copy of your documents (IDs, passport, IDs, travel insurance policy, credit cards) and a digital safe copy safe. In case you lose your original documents, the extra copies help you in identity verification and make the renewal process, quick.

11. Making large currency exchanges before you home

Rather only make limited exchanges till you reach the first ATM or a good-rate exchange kiosk in your destination. Or, get money from an ATM right when you reach your destination, but remember never to use the airport exchange kiosks. Their rates and fees are too bad, better avoid.

12. Not considering the different time zones while booking a trip

Instead, keep an eye on the same to avoid unnecessary problems and could overcome the possible effects of jet lag during your initial days.

13. Tempting pickpockets with flashy items

Avoid exposing your valuables. Instead, if you don’t need them, better avoid showing off. If you are carrying DSLR cameras, laptops, and expensive gadgets; hide them in a locked pack and use them when necessary.

14. Cultural insensitivity

Better avoid this! Try to know and understand the culture and the surroundings in which you are traveling. Keep an open mind which will help you mix better with others, enjoy the culture and absorb with them in a more interactive way, and do not insult them even unintentionally.

15. Keeping all your money in a single place

This is a big blunder! At the first place, avoid carrying too much cash and whatever amount you are carrying, store it in separate places.

16. Ignorant about hidden foreign charges on your credit card

Have words with your bank to know the transaction fee for foreign purchases. Always remember that even though foreign companies charge you in your normal currency, they yet can charge transaction fee as well.

17. Arriving at the wrong airport

In big cities which have more than one airport, double-check your reservation to find which airport you must go and which terminal you must take.

18. Not doing thorough research

Avoid reaching to a destination without knowing anything about the place. The Google is there for you! Do some research before starting your travel. The more the research you do, the better you know the place.

19. Taking too much drink

Why not drinking moderate quantity? There would be other ways to relieve the stress and have fun! Drinking over, will not only affect your wallet, it will also make you vulnerable to be robbed or injured.

20. Ignoring advice from the locals

Always pay attention and listen to what the locals have to say. Consider their opinion or words and assess their advice. You never know their advice might prevent you being robbed or face any bad experiences.

Another important reminder doesn’t be angry at a foreign country

Better stay and maintain your calm and senses. You might feel not well treated or get frustrated on any matter, do remember, you are a guest to that country. Only since you don’t get to do things you are habituated that doesn’t mean they are wrong. Be patient!

So I’m done with the list. If you fall victim to any of the above errors or some are real blunders; don’t get disheartened. It happened many times with many people…but being conscious is better! Keep enjoying your travel and chill with the thought that, better no mistakes next time. Learn from your mistakes, and don’t repeat them. Mistakes help us grow! Try avoiding them though.

Let us know what mistake have you made? If you have to mention something different than what I listed, please feel free to share your story in the comment section below. And follow us on Twitter for more updates.

Happy traveling!

Explore the world.

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