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Top Resources For Electrical Engineering Students

Top Resources For Electrical Engineering Students

It is a strenuous thing to search for helpful websites in Google. So, here we compiled a list of the best resources for electrical engineers and students for reference while dealing with problems or just for news and articles.

Electrical Engineering Portal

You will get there various articles about electrical engineering, guides about using electrical software, explanations of different theorems and laws and even research papers. This is a great public resource for students and experienced engineers. If you want some downloads of a program for electrical calculations, this is definitely a website for you.

Electrical for you

A study site created by experienced engineers to help their fellow colleagues. No matter what is the question, you will find an answer.

All about circuits

The name says it all, it all about circuits. There you will find lots of technical and industry content, video lectures, and worksheets for students and a forum as well, where you can be social and discuss any problem you face at your studies or work. Once you sign in, you can apply for various giveaways. You can also go for tools selection. You can perform various calculations, test equipment, check the library and so on.


If any lesson you can’t understand in class, then you have this website for you. Choose your area and then a good list of various topics will come in front of you with audio presentations; simple and easy to understand explanations. You can learn about customers, industrial management, commercial application, work safety, and protection.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

This site is great not only for electrical engineers but also for students of other disciplines too. You need to choose the subject of interest and click on the demonstration of whatever topic you feel unsure about. You can explore topics like computation, mathematics, engineering and technology, systems, and so on.

Virtual Labs

This site offers remote access to labs in different disciplines of science and engineering and is for UG and PG students. It is a complete learning management system dedicated to any student irrespective of his or her education level. Once you log in, you will find a free access to various data and tools which includes web resources, animated demonstrations, videos, electronic books etc.


An amazing space for creative minds! If you want to make something yourself or unsure about a project check this website is for you. They have lots of various DIY guides and fun projects to do.


If you wish to build something amazing; the instructions would help you not to ruin anything. The main focus of the site is virtual classes with subcategories like 3D printing, CNC, electronic, workshop, sewing, and craft and so on.

Electronics Weekly

A good resource for those looking for industry-related news. There are topics about business, products, design and all of it is directly related to electrical engineering.

An incredible site with various electrical news, articles, and posts on the recent events and topics. The site has a menu with webinars, videos, games and a jobs board to support the growing community of engineers. It’s a great place for engineers to learn from and develop their careers.

With this, we conclude. If you have to add some other names to the online resources, please share your views in the comment section below.

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