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Best Tips On How To Name Your Blog For SEO Ranking

Best Tips On How To Name Your Blog For SEO Ranking

To have your own blog is the best way to get your thoughts and observations out of your head and share with the world. And it can be quite fulfilling and rewarding to share knowledge and interests, create connections, and even develop small communities of like-minded people.

There is a commercial advantage to blogging as well. If you’re lucky enough to draw good traffic, your site can be valuable for advertisers.

Well, what matters now is the name. How to name a blog?

This is one of the biggest hurdles when you initiate a blog. This is when new bloggers realize that there are countless millions of blogs already and several many millions more non-blog websites. This says, virtually every obvious name, and the domain name has been taken. So what next?

There is a difference between a name and a brand name!

There are thousands of excellent blogs with great names.

For instance:

SwissMiss (a pseudonym for the blogger herself)

AllThingsConsidered (a thoughtful blog)

Bakerella (a funny and trendy blog about baking)

Great bloggers with excellent names get a very high benchmark.

But if you are trying to create a name for your own new blog, where to start?

The right blog name would meet your readers’ expectations. If you’re a genuine thought-leader in, your name should reflect this. If your blog is about fun and celebration, its name should bring a smile.

Who is your audience?

Men? Women? Or both? Kids? Tech savvies? Travellers? Retro style fanatics? Photography lovers? Foodies? The more targeted you appear with your blog’s name (and content), the better chance that people can relate. Know your audience.

Only a knitter can recognize what a blog with a name is about. Certain printers or graphic designers would understand that is a blog with respect to a printing.

Be open-minded

Normally, blog names tend to describe or allude to the content of the blog. But avoid common keywords, it will be harder to find online. But using non-obvious words is not the only way. Don’t make rigid decisions, be open to several ideas.

Play with words

There are several methods to create interesting names. You need to try the following:

  • Alliteration: names like ShutterChic, KnittingNancy or MoonlightMechanic are easy to remember.
  • Portmanteaus: Brangelina, Podcast, Freakonomics are all instances of combing word-parts to create new ones.
  • Re-spelling: for instance, is a great name for blog focussed on popular culture. A real example of this is The Ethicurian.

It’s everything about the domain

The .com domain is still the king. If you are a serious blogger, then you must have the .com and without any compromises like the hyphens. On the advantage of this hurdle is that it would push you to identify a name that has originality, uniqueness, and rarity.

To conclude, deciding on the right name for your blog is essential, and plays a major part in the success. Know that, to rename a blog later would is quite real painful, so take your time, enjoy the process and get into writing.

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