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Top 5 Thrilling And Exciting River Sports To Try In India

Top 5 Thrilling And Exciting River Sports To Try In India

River sports is a unique and thrilling fun activity along the sea wave. This is an excellent opportunity for all adventure lovers. The Indian rivers originate from the North and Upper Himalayas. There are various river sports like yachting, rafting, sculling, and fishing.

The best choice for the rafters in India can be found in the North in various rivers like Yumna, Alaknanda, Ganges, and Bhagirathi. Ocean water sports in India like Kerala, Goa, and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands are some of the must-visit places for you:

Top 5 River sports in India:

1) White Water River Rafting

Water rafting is quite popular adventure sports among youngsters. It is a mindblowing sport that is played on the mountainous rivers or turbulent waters. There are lots of rivers in India for Water sports to explore and enjoy, and the best among them for enjoying the white water rafting in India is Rishikesh and the Indus River.

2) Kayaking

It is an upcoming sport in India and is one of the best river sports to give you goosebumps. There are lots of destinations in India for enjoying Kayaking sports. A great range of adventure activities can be found in the Indian rivers.

3) Canoeing

It is an ideal sport in these waters that would be challenging and fun loving for most of the thrill seekers. There are also lots of beautiful dams and lakes in India which offers an excellent opportunity for canoeing.

4) Rowing

This is an excellent spot where the athletes compete in this river sport. It is a good cardio workout to enhance speed, strength, and stamina. It is one among the ancient rowing clubs in India.

5) Coracling

It is one of the ancient river sport also called as traditional fishing boats commonly found on the Tungabhadra and Cauvery Rivers in the Southern part of India. Earlier this boat was produced for general transport but currently, it is used for water sports activities and other tourist rides.

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