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Dr Mandar Abhyankar Director Of CRBtech Group – Forummantra

Dr Mandar Abhyankar Director Of CRBtech Group – Forummantra

Dr Mandar Abhyankar Director Of CRBtech Group

Before becoming the Manging Director of CRBtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Mandar Abhyankar was associated with a handful of projects/endeavours ranging over domains like Information Technology, research and development etc. He started his career as a medical professional.

Career Milestones:-

Dr. Mandar Abhyankar has had a glorious career, and here are some of the career highlights,

– Talking about his career in the field of medicine, Dr. Abhyankar played an important part in the Inhaler preparation project. He carried out an intensive research and development on ‘Drug Delivery System’ through the airway route, as a part of Clinical Research. A significant contribution towards the Health-care industry in general. He has also carried out research work in the field of Herbal Cosmetics.

– As far as the Information Technology domain is concerned, Dr. Mandar Abhyankar had developed a VB embedded ERP software system that resulted into easy access and copying of research data into an excel sheet. Not many are able to effectively use their knowledge of other domains in their field of work. It helped save a lot of his valuable time during the research work.

In addition to this, he carried out development and programming in languages like Visual Basic, Perl, Python, PHP, C and C++.

– Dr. Mandar Abhyankar was involved with protocol drafting and business generation, while being associated with a well known publication house, where he left his mark.

– He was involved in the designing of the software needed for TCMS i.e. Traffic Control Management System.

With such a diverse and rich experience in his kitty, he founded a company by the name CRBtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We will now be taking a look at the journey of CRBtech…

Story of CRBtech:-

As mentioned above, back in 2001, Dr. Abhyankar founded and established CRBtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a training and career development company. Thanks to his efforts and vision, which has led CRBtech to where it is today. It has become a leading market player in the industry. CRBtech is a venture of the Annex Group of companies, with an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Team CRBtech comprises of experts and senior professional. from the industry, that form its core.

CRBtech’s journey so far…

– Was founded and established in May 2001 in Mumbai

– A branch was opened by CRBtech in 2005, in Pune

– In 2006, it became the head office

– In the year 2015, CRBtech saw an expansion with an office established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The journey of CRBtech depicts a consistent growth, in a short duration.

CRBtech practices and preaches values like striving for excellence, integrity, loyalty, trust, reliability, teamwork and commitment, while continuing to offer services like,

– Contract based staffing

– Employee training and induction programmes for the clients

– Offering permanent recruitment solutions etc…

All round personality development is what makes a successful career. It has become the need of the hour. At CRBtech, we understand this reality very well, and therefore focus on enhancing the overall personality of the trainees along with providing technical knowledge and job specific skills. The aim is to create successful professionals!

Why CRBtech?

– The primary objective is to train the candidates and make them ready for the professional world

– CRBtech makes the trainees job ready by ensuring their overall personality development

– CRBtech has in place an exclusive Soft Skills module for the same

– CRBtech teaches the trainees ‘engineering behind engineering’, or the programming behind programming

To sum it up, CRBtech carves out professionals out of individuals!


CRBtech has ventured into multiple domains under the ‘CRBtech group of companies’. They are as follows…

– Haul+:

Amongst the latest ventures of CRBtech, Haul+ is into Talent Acquisition & Human Capital management.

– I Brand:

The venture of CRBtech that is dedicated towards perception and brand building for its clients, with the help of services like Digital Marketing and web design and development.

– TechTrail:

An online technology magazine from CRBtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. that is published on a monthly basis, and focuses on technology, technologists and tech-savvy people.

– CRBneo:

CRBneo happens to be a multi-utility app that provides interview guidance and job interview calls to the job aspirants. The app has been created by CRBtech, mainly for the job seekers at large.

– CRBtech Publications:

With way to go, CRBtech happens to be on the right track with the support and vision of Dr. Mandar Abhyankar.

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