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All You Must Know About The International Balloon Festival

All You Must Know About The International Balloon Festival

Facts You Should Know About International Balloon Festival:
What is it?

The world’s largest hot air balloon festival are about to start from October 7th, 2017.

History of the International Balloon Fiesta

The greatest hot air balloon festivals 2017, which is the talk of time marks its origin in 1972 when 13 balloons were sent to the skies from a shopping mall parking lot in New Mexico. After that every year, more and more balloons started visiting Albuquerque. And the event gained international attention.

Where is it?

As thousands of people began showing up for the International Balloon Festival, the venue got changed to a permanent site with over 350 acres!

As the festival continued to grow, several unique events were added to it. Guests can now enjoy the Balloon Glow, the Night Magic Glow, Competition Flying, and so much more!

Today, this is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world and the planet’s one of the most photographed events.

What to Expect?

The festival is a 9-day festival that boasts about dozens of exciting events. The beautiful and clean autumn air that Albuquerque enjoys every year makes the perfect ambiance for a perfect flying weather and hundreds of opportunities to enjoy! To let you know, here we mention some of the favourite festival events.

Dawn Patrol Show

To watch this show, its worthy to wake up early. The event starts at exactly 6 a.m. every morning. It is a choreographed display of colour in motion as pilots regulate the conditions of the wind.

Mass Ascensions

Are you ready for hot air balloon rides? Being one of the most popular events of the festival. After the Dawn Patrol Show, several hundreds of balloons take flight. The sky gets filled with colour, light, and undeniable excitement. The ascension takes place in two waves which last for about two hours; hence make sure you don’t miss it.

America’s Challenge

Since the year 1995, the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race has been a favourite. Balloon pilots from all over the world put their skills to test in this challenging race to emerge as a winner. Many pilots enter the competition with the hopes of breaking distance records.

Balloon Glow/Night Magic Glow

In this event, active hot air balloons are tied to the ground and burn with a kaleidoscope of colors. Guests can walk through this brightly lit place and immerse themselves in its unimaginable beauty.

Afterglow Fireworks

You must stay after the Night Magic Glow show for the greatest fireworks display in New Mexico! Being a very popular event, visitors are encouraged to visit the fields before the start of the Night Magic Glow.

Flight of the Nations

During this, Pilots ascend into the air and with pride display their country’s flag in a memorable flight.

The Best Accommodations for the festival!

Whether you’re attending the International Balloon Fiesta or exploring the nearby city of Santa Fe, you’ll need a comfortable and a memorable place to stay during your vacation. Keeping that in mind, one of the best mentions is about Casa Escondida, their enchanting bed & breakfast in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo and Jemez mountains. Awesome! There are 9 inviting guestrooms which showcase antiques from New Mexican and charm with all the modern amenities you would desire for a comfortable stay.

They are the best alternative to Santa Fe and Albuquerque hotels because of they can provide comfort and convenience with a memorable lodging & breakfast experience.

With this, we conclude. Mark the Albuquerque balloon festival 2017 dates, it starts from 7th October.

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