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Affiliate Marketing: A Simplified Beginner’s Guide

Affiliate Marketing: A Simplified Beginner’s Guide

Affiliate Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

You must wonder what Affiliate marketing is! How it works and how to get into it? How profitable it is and what could be the risks? In this blog, we simplified the concept of affiliate marketing for your convenience. To find about what it is and how it works, keep reading.

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you refer someone to an online product and if the person purchases the same on your recommendation, you get a commission. This is an old type of marketing policy.

One common query that comes related to this is how companies track the record about who is sending the traffic and making the sales. The answer to this is the URL.

In simple words:

Many online companies who sell products like shoes, web-hosting spaces, or some other service, often provides an affiliate program. You can start with signing up for the program and get your unique tracking link. Next, whenever, you write about the product, you can simply add the affiliate link to suggest the company’s site. If your readers purchase anything, you will get a commission.

Here we listed some of the common terms associated with affiliate marketing:

Affiliates: Publishers who use affiliate program links to promote and make sales.

Affiliate marketplace: They work as central databases for affiliate programs in various niches.

Affiliate software: The companies used this Software to create an affiliate program for their product.

E.g.: iDevaffiliate.

Affiliate link: Special tracking link given by an affiliate program to track the progress of someone’s affiliate promotion.

Affiliate ID: It is similar to that of an affiliate link, but some affiliate programs give a unique ID which you can add to a page of the product site.

Payment mode: Various modes of payment.

E.g.: Cheque, PayPal, wire transfer and others.

Commission percentage: The amount one could receive in affiliate income from every sale.

2-tier affiliate marketing:

Through this method, you can and make others join affiliate programs, and you will receive a commission when those people make a sale. This income is called a sub-affiliate commission.

Landing pages: A unique sales or demo page used to increase sales.

Custom affiliate income: Through this income is given to people who make the most affiliate sales.

Link clocking: Usually the affiliate tracking links are ugly. Using a link clocking technique like URL shorteners, etc., you transform turn ugly links into links which can be read and understood by your readers.

Custom coupons: Many programs permit affiliates to make custom coupons which are used to track sales. This also helps to increase affiliate sales.

For companies who offer an affiliate program, this is one of the best ways to get free promotion, hence least expenditure on advertisements.

Some FAQs

With the basic introduction of what is Affiliate Marketing, here we discuss some FAQs commonly searched for.

Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

No, it is neither the only thing is that users will use a particular link given to you rather than a direct link.

How do I find an affiliate link for a product?

All companies do not offer an affiliate program, but for companies who offer affiliate programs, you must check their website for related information.

Affiliate marketing and AdSense: Could they both be used?

The answer is yes. To some affiliate marketing works better than Adsense.

Another way to find relevant information is to do Google search.

Where do I find new products to promote?

Affiliate marketplaces are the best places, to begin with, your affiliate marketing research.

Is it essential to have a blog for affiliate promotions?

No, but a blog is the best promotional tool. You can also try methods like PPC or advertising to promote a product. This is very much like hit-and-run affiliate marketing policy, though.

The best thing is to have a blog and use it for promotions.

What are necessary qualifications required?

There is no typical qualification needed but having good copywriting skills and marketing skills will definitely help.

How much cost to join an affiliate program?

There is no charge for joining an affiliate program, but your total cost depends on which promotion technique you would be using. For instance, a blog post doesn’t cost anything, but email marketing, PPC marketing, and advertising comes with price tags.

Are there any programs which automatically convert links into affiliate links?

Yes, there are a few like Viglink and Skimlinks which does automatically converts normal links into affiliate links. They use Javascript so it’s SEO friendly.

How much money one can make through affiliate marketing?

Well, the answer is that there is no limit to that. It depends on what program you’re promoting and how many conversion you made.

With this, we conclude. Hope the information was helpful to you. Have plans for affiliate marketing? If no, can give a try!

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