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Navratri Diet For A Deliciously Healthy Religious Ritual

Navratri Diet For A Deliciously Healthy Religious Ritual

Happy Navaratri to all, its festive mood is ongoing and here we share with you some Navaratri special tips.

happy navratri

The biggest festival of the Hindus is here and so does the delicious Navratri Food. It is that time of the year when time spends in pandal hopping. It is also that time of festivities when will see many people fasting and putting restrictions on their diets.

There are scientific reasons as well behind the Navratra fasts & Navratri vrat recipes which will give you a healthy detoxified body. If done is the right way, fasting detoxifies your body. Sattvic food keeps both mind and body clean. The fasting ritual associated with Navratras has the intentions to detoxify the body.

The Navratra fast is a perfect mix of scientific and religious rituals in one diet. The ritual is followed for nine days. This tradition has been around since the time of Puranas.

Historical significance of Navratra fasting :

Hindus believe that in this world full of distraction, to do away with them, the best way thing is spirituality and to develop a focus for the same, fasting is the best method.

It is also a great way to observe self-discipline. It motivates the body and mind to overcome worldly hardships and resist temptations.

Science behind the religious ritual of Navratri fast food :

navratri fast food

With a major seasonal change, our body becomes more susceptible to diseases. A good diet is essential to improve our immune power. So the ancient Indians did that with strict dieting would help them cope up with seasonal changes. The diet is backed by Ayurveda, which says that tamasic food items mustn’t be eaten frequently.

You might know that Ayurveda doesn’t cure body as fast as allopathy. Though true to an extent, ayurvedic prescriptions do the same, naturally. Ayurveda helps your body get habituated to the changes which are needed in the long run.

Significance of Sattvic Navratri food

It is proven that tamasic food brings out laziness whereas rajasic food induces restlessness. Sattvic food makes you feel energetic. Sattvic food promotes intelligence, strength, and courage. Veda says that sattvic food not only fulfills your physical requirements of carbs, fats, and proteins. It also keeps you mentally and physically sound.

What kind of ingredients is included in the food

Take in conventional flours and grains that are a part of the Navratri diet – buckwheat flour, water chestnut flour, amaranth flour, and millet flour.

Some other ingredients to be used during the fast include rock salt, potatoes, pumpkin, groundnut oil, ginger etc.

The whole idea of Navratri vrat or fast is based on the idea of a healthy lifestyle. It functions as one of the best detoxifying programmes if followed properly. If you end up eating potatoes, sago fritters, and other deep-fried items like vadas and pakoras, you will do the same destruction as the tamasic food items would do.

Rather, go for a nutritious and balanced diet by including a little of every dish in your Navaratri thlai, to make sure that you absorb all the goodness from the sattvik ingredients.

Interesting Navratri Food Recipes :

navratri vrat food

Kuttu Ki Puri

Boil and mash a few potatoes. Add in salt, kuttu atta, and potatoes. Knead into a soft dough and make small balls then roll them into puris and fry.

Pumpkin Raita

Grate the pumpkin. Boil and allow it to cool. Mix it with beaten curd and temper. Serve chilled.

Sabudana Khichdi

Soak sabudana the previous night. Wash it to get rid of extra starch. Marinate with spices and cook with tempering.

Khus Khus Aloo

Khus Khus Aloo aka Aloo Posto in Bengal. Grind some poppy seeds with water. Lightly fry the boiled potatoes in a pan, next add posto mix, some chilies and other spices. Serve hot.

Fruit Chaat

This is an assortment of cut seasonal fruits. Sprinkle some chaat masala and black salt on them. Relish!

Navratra platter is a perfect combination of nutrients. It has everything that you call from starters to desserts.

Tips and guidelines for a successful Navratra fast:

Rock salt is the only salt to be used during Navratri. It is beneficial for blood pressure and helps in better mineral absorption compared to common salt. The amount of salt must be appropriate.

Do not rely on fried snacks only.

You can eat roasted, boiled or baked meals.

Kuttu flour is a mix of proteins and carbs. Include this in your meal during this time of the season.

When you feel like eating fried snacks eat some fresh fruits or roasted nuts as your snacks.

Have foods mixed with micronutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants.

Break your fast with fluids like milk, vegetable juice, fruit juice, milk, coconut water etc.

If you think all these make you feel quite heavy, you can intake fruit chat as a major alternative.

To mention, try to balance your everyday diet pattern as done during a fast. Practise regularly for a longer term, it will be healthy for you. It not only keeps your weight in control but keeps you healthy. It also promotes proper digestion, prevents diseases and enhances energy. This practice will definitely improve your metabolism.

Happy Navratras from the Forummantra team!

happy navratri 2017

Share with us what are you gonna include in your Navratri platter? In case we missed any name, share the names you know in the comment section below.

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