What are the Electromagnetic clutch advantages and limitations?


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let see the details about electromagnetic clutch:

Electromagnetic Clutch: Principles, Working, Advantages, And Limitations

You must be aware of an electromagnetic clutch. Here we shall discuss the same. Based on engaging effect, clutches are of two types. One being positive displacement clutch and the other is friction clutch. Every clutch needs a holding force to properly engage and disengage the clutch. Before we get into the working of an electromagnetic clutch, let’s know little about the basics.

Electromagnetic force

The force with which two particles are attracted towards each other because of electric charge or magnetic properties is an electromagnetic force. This force plays when two electric charges or magnetic particles near each other.

Electromagnetic Clutch:


A clutch is a device that can connect or disconnect two shafts. A simple clutch has two pressure plates, one linked with engine shaft and another with a gearbox. The rotation of engine shaft cause rotation in gear shaft owing to friction. When the driver presses the clutch pedal, both pressure plates loose contact with each other and the clutch is in the disconnected position. All clutches that run on friction works on the same principle. An electromagnetic clutch is a kind of friction clutch but makes use of magnetic force instead of spring force to do the work od engaging and disengaging the clutch. One of its clutch plates is connected to an electric circuit. And on a passage of electricity, it gets converted into electromagnet which brings another plate towards it. The magnetic field applies force to engage the plates and friction plate in between transmits creates torque. To conclude, the clutch is a mix of both electromagnetic effect and mechanical clutch.


  • The clutch remains in disengage condition and with an air gap between rotor and hub.
  • With start of an engine, the rotor connected to an engine shaft rotates.
  • A DC battery applies DC current which transforms the winding into an electromagnet which brings the armature towards it.
  • This armature pushes friction plate towards rotor and makes rotate the hub.
  • Hence the hub rotates and the rotor transmits 100 percent torque in an engaged condition.
  • On the pressing of a clutch pad, the battery stops winding which does away with electromagnetic force, and hence the clutch remains in disengaged position.


  • No connection is needed to function the clutch. Hence it can be installed in any remote location.
  • Can attain automatic transmission.
  • The operation is easy.


  • This temperature at which it operates is limited by temperature rating of an insulating material.
  • Initial cost is high.

With this, I conclude. In gist, I covered the principle, working, and benefits of an Electromagnetic clutch.

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