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Wow! Amazing Travel Mate: A Self-Driving Suitcase

Wow! Amazing Travel Mate: A Self-Driving Suitcase

We have heard a lot about the autonomous car, but here we bring the news about a self-driving suitcase. Here we mention about the robot suitcase from California-based startup Travelmate which can be operated with a Smartphone app.

The “robot suitcase” is designed to roll at a pace which matches that of the user.

Some technologies used in autonomous cars have been introduced in products revealed at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to help travelers with the weighty concern of dealing with baggage.

The suitcase can be operated by an app and can roll at a speed of about 11 kilometers per hour, navigating around obstacles.

The Travelmate founder stated it as a robot which follows you around.

Travelmate created it with the idea of artificial intelligence, to roll at a pace which matches that of a user, or it can be directed to a Smartphone app similar to that of a drone. Priced at about $1,100, it is slated to let out in February for the US market, and later part of the year in Europe and Japan.

There is a tough competition from ForwardX, which is a Chinese start-up with offices in California, is created to be used for facial recognition, without the need of a Smartphone application.

It uses computer vision and has a driving algorithm to pave a clear path,” said founder Nicholas Chee, who exhibited a prototype at CES. The ForwardX suitcase is equipped with gesture control technology and can be brought to halt mode, to protect against theft.

Chee expects the launch in mid-2018 at a price below $1,000. Travelmate, as well as ForwardX, said that their inventions bind by the safety regulations because their lithium-ion batteries, banned in checked luggage, can be removed.

The auto-following suitcase from China, which is available in the Chinese market and is soon coming to America uses self-balancing technology from the transport maker Segway.

And finally, for the strangest of the strange things, a luggage product called the Modobag, which don’t have artificial intelligence but offers a sizeable perk instead; as a ride-on suitcase which has potential to carry its owner along with their clothes.

Watch the video of Self-Driving Suitcase:

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