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Benefits Of Green Tea For Weight Loss Naturally

Benefits Of Green Tea For Weight Loss Naturally

Why Take Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green tea is undoubtedly one of the healthiest drinks you can have. It is rich in antioxidants and many more essential elements which are good for you. Green tea is yielded from Camellia sinensis leaves which are not carried out with withering and oxidation needed for oolong tea and black tea. It originates in China but is now globally available. Today we shall discuss on how to lose weight naturally with green tea.

Here we share 8 reasons why you should drink green tea. Let’s look at a few benefits that eventually help you to remove pounds. There are several advantages of green tea; one among them is weight loss.

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Benefits of green tea

1. Fat Mobilization

The green tea, active elements help to raise functions of many fat burning hormones. The key antioxidant in tea, EGCG, can stop any neither enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine hormone, which is used by a nervous system to cause break down of fat cells.

2. Caffeine

The best ingredient in green tea is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant which helps in fat burning and increasing exercise performance as per studies.

3. Catechins

Known and potential antioxidants. This can raise your body metabolism. In doubt, how to use green tea, you can earn the benefits from both consuming green tea as a drink, and also by taking green tea extract as a supplement.

4. Enhanced Fat Burning

Green tea increases fat oxidation, mainly during exercise. A study revealed that during the two-month duration, green tea consumers increase burning of fat, both at rest and during exercise.

5. Rest and Recovery

Green tea has l-theanine that is exclusively found in tea and this could help you to relax and avoid anxiety. A study revealed that l-theanine performs as a neurotransmitter which boosts alpha waves in the brain. Alpha waves help in relaxation.

6. Improved metabolism

We keep on burning calories, either at sleep or simply at rest.

Research shows that this amounts to be about 3-4% increase, while some studies indicate a rise in 9%. Some studies revealed that metabolism raising effect stays for longer periods.

7. Deals with abdominal fat

The visceral fat in the belly portion is more harmful, because this cause inflammation and insulin resistance as well, both associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Studies revealed that with green tea indicate that there is a notable percentage of the fat shed from the visceral ones.

Also, know that stress is the main cause of weight gain!

Try simple 5 minutes yoga to distress mind and body.

As green tea increases metabolism and fat burning, the effects are conservative and proven.

The intake of green tea could give even better results if mixed with other effective weight loss foods like eating more protein, lowering of processed carbohydrates, eating healthy fats and several anti-weight gain tricks.


Use Of Green Tea For Weight Loss

Check out here for some weight loss foods.

Be mindful of what you eat and drink. Your health is wealth! Not only in weight would loss but, this habit of good lifestyle help you in many other ways.

With this, we conclude on the benefits of green tea weight loss. If you are following any weight loss diet, then team up with good weight loss exercise and green tea as well.

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  1. Nice post about green tea. Green tea not only reduces your weight, it also gives you much required boost for whole day.

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