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Best Places To Visit In Maldives -Heaven On Earth

Best Places To Visit In Maldives -Heaven On Earth

Indian Ocean’s most beautiful site to be visited is none other than the Maldives island. It contains lots of natural beauty. There are lots of best places in Maldives. It contains 1190 coral islands. It is spread over 90 sqkm. Let us see some of the best places to stay in the Maldives for holiday:

Best Places in Maldives:

1) Enjoy the Marine Life by Diving

Most of the Maldives is completely sea with wonderful clear warm waters and an excellent stretch of coral reefs. It definitely has a very good tropical climate, it is a very good destination for underwater diving lovers. Moreover, it is regarded as one of the richest coral reefs. There are lots of fishes, marine creatures in this deep sea water.

2) Enjoy Water Sports

It is very significant to enjoy the tranquil water and monsoon waves, the best place can be found in Maldives islands to enjoy the adventure by playing water sports. If you don’t know how to play this sports then you can get guidance or training from trained instructors. There are lots of water sports activities like jet skiing, kite-surf, para-sailing, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing etc.

3) Relax yourself

You need to relax from daily stresses and tensions by indulging in the adventure sports over here. There are lots of prime healing centers where various traditional healing methods are adopted by the healers.

4) Walk down the streets and enjoy the environment

You can visit this island as a picnic or an excursion. There are lots of places to visit like the National Museum, Mulee Aage Palace, Jumhooree Maidan etc. This place is also ideal for honeymoon couples.

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