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The Best Upcoming Smartphones For 2018

The Best Upcoming Smartphones For 2018

The sector of the smartphones are evolving quite fast, that there’s always something new to be unboxed. No sooner you have got the latest handset, then starts anticipation of something unique.

Here are discussing the phones that haven’t yet launched, the best upcoming phones.

Before we go into the details, here is a list of some of the anticipated upcoming handsets for 2018:

  • Nokia 9
  • Next Sony Xperia
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Next HTC handset
  • iPhone 9

Here is the details for upcoming smartphones:

Nokia 9

Nokia9 Upcoming smartphone 2018

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Yes, there is a rumor that Nokia’s Smartphone to be called the Nokia 9 and it’s said to be more premium than Nokia 8. The display has curved edges with an 18:9 aspect, with an introduction of waterproofing and keeping that metal body.

Nokia is sure to maintain the Zeiss partnership going and it will offer the bothie function of the Nokia 8. Speculations say that the Nokia 9 would come out in 2017, but with the year going to end very soon, it’s doubtful about its launch this year.

Next Sony Xperia

Next sony xperia smartphone for 2018

Having announced the Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact, and XA1, it is in news again that Sony wants to change its Smartphone design. That’s big news because we have essentially had the same OmniBalance design in Sony Xperia phones since the Xperia Z.

It is suggestive that MWC 2018 would be the likely venue, though Sony has used CES to launch devices in the past as well. Anyways, just expect to see it being launched, early in 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 latest smartphone in 2018

Smartphone giants never stay dormant and it wasn’t long after the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that we Samsung’s future plans were in the air. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is said to be coming in two sizes and will stick with the Infinity Display. Post debut of Samsung’s dual camera on the Note 8, it’s expected to see these zoom skills in the S9 as well.

Rumours are that it will run Qualcomm Snapdragon (845) and it is expected to the launch the phone somewhere around April 2018.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Note 8 has been just on sale, and Samsung is already telling about the Note 9. The developing team, in an interview, confirmed that they’d be planning for the next Note model, which includes working on enhancing notable features, like the S Pen.

Without any firm details presently, yet we can expect Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note-9 by late August 2018, with more enhanced S Pen features.


HTC U12 Upcoming latest smartphone

HTC has added the HTC U11+ to its 2018 line-up, moving to an 18:9 display and improving a number of areas on this phone. You must not be surprised to see a similar device on a new hardware with several additional features getting launched in April 2018.

There are some light rumors but HTC came forward to say that it will be making a return to dual cameras in the year 2018. If you know or remember, HTC was the first to put two cameras on the rear of its phone in the HTC One M8.

Apple iPhone 9

Apple iphone 9 mobile phone

The iPhone X is to be released as a celebration of 10-years of iPhone. It’s also super-premium and costly. But Apple confirmed that this phone will lay the foundations for the next decade of the iPhone and we can imagine that the 2018 iPhone up-gradation will give a lot.

Yet, the name to the new phone to be given is not unveiled but we can suspect that it will move from stainless steel back to an aluminum to lower the price down while keeping that 19:9 display and using Face ID instead of Touch ID in a home button. It is expected that Apple would offer a couple of sizes in this design, creating some differentiation between the two as it did with iPhone 8 and 8 + presently. The launch of iPhone 9 is expected in October 2018.

So 2018 is coming with some good Smartphones launches for those who have flair to keep the latest trends and designs in hands.

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