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Career in Animation, Best Animation Courses And Institute In India

Career in Animation, Best Animation Courses And Institute In India

Among several, a career in animation is much in demand. With high salary, nice growth in career and an opportunity to show your creativity, an animation is a good choice for today’s youngsters. So if you have decided for a career in animation, then this blog is right for you.

Animation adds life to any image by offering movement to an image with the help of technology and animation software. Animation finds usage in almost every field be it a movie, any advertisement or an academic video etc.

To become an animator you need to be innovative and have a creative mind with a sense of style. The animation is a fast-rising industry. Animations have an extensive hold in the world of multimedia.

How to start a successful career in animation?

The animators develop visual effects and animation that you see in Video Games, animated movies, cartoon movies and TV serials, and online. Here we share the best ways to begin a successful career in animation.

1) Learn drawing

The animation is everything about lines and drawing skills. One who wishes to make a career in animation must have good drawing skills. Figure drawing is a thing of practice in making shapes and exact proportions.

The drawing must be practised outside the classroom where you get to various subjects and learn about observation skills.

2) Graduation is a must

Candidates must have a graduation in animation. It would help to prepare for a career in media-related arts, sketches, Web designing, film, and television.

You can also take basic courses in drawing, graphic designing, story-boarding, and character motion and art design.

Internships would help you enhance your employment chances giving opportunities for work experience and networking.

3) Choose the best animation courses

There are various fields where you can take up your career and accordingly a good course. An animation course list after your graduation:

3D PG diploma in animation and visual effects

Multimedia courses

  • MA in VFX and Animation
  • PG Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Multimedia

4) Choose the best animation institute in India for a career in animation

The course duration could vary in the various colleges, and it ranges from six months to two years. Interested people can enroll in a course in 2D animation or 3D animation. There the current trend is about 3D animation course only.

 You need to gather good information about the institute before enrolling. And you should compare the animation course fees in various institutes and then take your final decision of joining. You may like to about top 10 animation institutes in India.

5) Put Together a Demo Reel

After graduating, you need to make a portfolio, DVD or website to show your best work. Some academic programs have good projects for students to showcase their creativity and proficiency in different software programs.

You need to concentrate on the main area of interest.

You can work in various industries but your portfolios must have one of your choices.

6) An industry oriented Certification


To become more accomplishing, you need a proper certification. Several many software publishers offer certificates to fresher for certain jobs. Certifications are provided by software publishers, like Adobe Certification programmes.

7) The first job

Several MNCs and many producers recruit fresher sometimes as a trainee. Take a look at some of the companies for a career in animation :

  • Toonz Animation India
  • Pentamedia Graphics
  • Heart Entertainment
  • Padmalaya Telefilms
  • Jadoo Works
  • Crest Communications
  • Silvertoon Studio, Mumbai

8) Which city would be best?

Animators are significant in the movie sector, in making video games and websites. If you are keen to be in this field, you can get a job in various workplaces, from adv offices to game studios to software publishers.

The best or preferable cities are:

  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Banglore
  • Pune
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Kolkata

With this, we conclude. Hope this piece of information is helpful. With the making of several animated short films, your chances in this field are gaining grounds.

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