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Career Options in PCM Other Than Engineering After 12th Science

Career Options in PCM Other Than Engineering After 12th Science

There are lots of career options in PCM other than Engineering but then most of the candidates choose Engineering after 12th either by force or by choice. If you are aware that you are not interested in this field then are courses other than engineering after 12th science stream. Let us see them in detail:

Career Options other Engineering:

1) Animation and Graphics

There is an increase in demand for post-production, VFX, and CGI today and thus there is a steady increase in Animation Sector. If you make a career in this then you will have good knowledge of VFX, Film-Making, 3D Animation, Production, Graphic Design, etc. This is one of the best course other than Engineering. You will have an immense career opportunity in 3D modeling, Flash Design, Texturing, Storyboarding etc. The career in animation is most preferred profession nowadays.


Defense career is full of patriotism, strong will etc. This is the backbone security of our country. You can either serve the country as an Army, Navy, or an Airforce. You will be one of them is responsible for maintaining peace and defend from external threats. This is the best career option in PCM other than Engineering. You can join the military force via NDA and can serve in Combat Unit, Engineering and IT sector, Education etc. In Navy, you can either work as a medical professional or electrical, executive, and engineering professionals. In the Air Force, you can work in the Flying Branch, Technical Branch, or the Ground Duty Branch.

3) Fashion Technology

This career option in PCM other than Engineering has a wide scope. You can also choose to make a career in Fashion Technology. If you choose this career then you will work related to design and fabrics development and will also inspect on the fabric quality. You will learn in detail about garment manufacture via CAD. There are lots of branded fashion houses that you need to deal with after graduation from this field and apart from that, you can also work with fashion magazines, retail chains, boutiques, etc.

4) Forensic Science

It is interesting to read investigative stories, and watch movies related to this genre but has you thought about making a career in this field. There is an increase in demand for this career other than engineering because of increase in crime rates. If you choose this career you need to be analytical and very alert about the crime. You can make your career as a Forensic Anthropologist, Toxicologist, Crime Scene Investigator, Scientist, Digital Forensic Expert etc.

5)Merchant Navy

This career will require tough mindset as you need to stay away from the family for months in a sea on a ship. It is different from Indian Navy as you will be handling international trade, goods, cargo etc. This will be a rewarding career and there are few career prospects like engine department, architecture department, deck department, and catering department.

6) Ethical Hacking

It is an exciting career which is a quite popular career option. Such professionals use hacking techniques for a legal purpose they also help in exhibiting the risks of getting hacked by malicious hackers. This is full-time career option if you have technical and logical skills. You can work in the cyber department for protecting themselves from cyber attacks. There are other career options like Network Security Administrator, Network Security Engineer, Security Consultant, Penetration Tester etc. You can try this career option other than engineering.

7) Aviation

If you are not interested in table chair job then this career is best suited for you. This career demands knowledge in science, travel, and technology. You will be checking about the flight’s control and safety while traveling. You can work as a corporate pilot, commercial pilot or a Maintenance Engineer.

8) Statistics

If you are strong in Mathematics then you can choose this career. Your main job will be analyzing making predictions related to data. You need good maths skills for building data models. You can make your career in manufacturing, banking, insurance, healthcare, agriculture etc.

9) Architecture

If you want to choose career options in PCM other than Engineering then you can pursue a career in Architecture. Your main job over here will be planning and design. You need to have a good aesthetic feel, think different and a knack for using space effectively. There are numerous sub-fields to choose like urban design, urban planning, architectural conservation, landscape architecture, etc.

10) Physical Science

In this career, you can deal with inorganic materials like space, earth, and atmosphere. There are lots of subdivisions like geology, astronomy, meteorology, disaster management, cartography, etc. Depending on the domain you choose your career path will vary. If you choose astronomy then you will work with astrobiology, astrometeorology, astrochemistry, etc. If you choose Geology then you will work geohydrology, marine geology, mineralogy, seismology etc.

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