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Google RankBrain Algorithm: A New Strategy to Optimize Google Results

Google RankBrain Algorithm: A New Strategy to Optimize Google Results

Google RankBrain Algorithm is a newly developed artificial intelligence algorithm for searching various information typed into the search engine daily. There are various words or phrases and queries searched which are not known to the algorithm. Such new words are learned and created a new search engine results. The search engine results pages that are visible and ranked are mainly due to RankBrain.

Let us see what Google RankBrain Algorithm provides in detail:

1) Provides proper results

By helping Hummingbird to fetch proper results, RankBrain has helped itself to know and store new words that it did not know. Apart from that, it understands them with respect to the country and language. For example, if you are searching for the word engineer in India you will get details regarding engineering and if you check the same in the USA you will get details about the engine driver. It helps in refining the result searched in Google. This Google algorithm updates itself with new words.

2) Working out Complex interpretations

There are lots of complex queries searched in Google which needs to be interpreted by RankBrain. These complex queries can be interpreted better with the help of this algorithm which in turn would help Google fetch results to the users. Seemingly unrelated complex searches are learned by RankBrain which makes it easy for getting to know about future searches and relation with a few topics.

3) RankBrain as a ranking factor

The website ranking on results pages gives a third ranking position to Google AI program. Depending on the content it can help with to identify what is on the web pages. It does the work far better than Google. It helps in searching everything but then it changes the order of their appearance.

Few Misunderstandings about RankBrain

Let us see few misunderstandings about how RankBrain helps rank searches and understand what factors may affect the rankings.

  • Money spent on advertising

  • Social sharing

  • Web page optimization

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