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What are the highest paying engineering fields in India?

What are the highest paying engineering fields in India?

There are lots of highest paying engineering jobs in India and that is listed in this article. Most of the candidates are not sure about which engineering has the highest salary. Let us see to it in detail. Excellent job opportunity and interesting salary packages given to the engineers is the reason behind the popularity of Engineering in India.

Depending on a candidate’s personal interest, aptitude, high pay scale he or she should opt for the right engineering domain. There are lots of new and upcoming engineering domains which provides excellent pay scale let us see them in detail.

List of highest paying engineering fields in India

1) Computer Science/IT Engineers

In the last ten years, the most demanding career is none other than computer technology and IT. This is regarded as the highest paying engineering field. This field has its importance in almost every industry. It has excellent job opportunities for everyone with good pays and perks. You can also find good opportunities in the R&D with testing and lifetime service. There are some big MNCs like Google which offers a package of about Rs 1 crore P.A.

2) Mechanical Engineers

This sector has the highest paying engineering jobs in India in the fields of mining, automobiles, metal, steel, and forging. It is regarded as the oldest engineering domains, there is a diverse range of job opportunities in various industry sectors with robotics and computer technology. You can also find jobs in the government sector as well. A fresher would get a salary of about 1.8 to 5 L P.A. Mechanical graduates from IITs and NITs would earn about 7 to 10 L P.A.

3) Civil Engineers

This field got famous in the 1990s. It deals with the infrastructural development like commercial properties, residential buildings, etc. This field is regarded as the highest paying engineering degree. The job prospects are quite great in Civil Engineering in various subdivisions like supervision, development, designing, quality assessment, and others. Freshers will earn about 3 to 5 L P.A.

4) Electrical/Electronics & Communication Engineers

This field has excellent limelight and is always in demand. Most of them are hired by NTPC which is a public sector company. They will be dealing with a power distribution network, power plants, defense forces, PSUs, instrumentation industries. They are also hired by companies which are wireless like Airtel, Idea, Telcos and are quite useful in consumer electronics and computer electronics industry. Freshers would be earning about 1.8 L P.A to 4.5 L P.A.

5) Petroleum Engineers

This industry has excellent career opportunities because of the lack and scarcity of petroleum products. These professionals are paid very well in jobs across the world. Trained and qualified petroleum engineers are very less today, therefore, it has affected geology, chemistry and several other fields. There are various public sector units like HPCL, ONGC, OVL, and others. Freshers get a salary of about 3 to 7 L P.A.

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