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How to Draw Huge Traffic Using Pinterest In 2018

How to Draw Huge Traffic Using Pinterest In 2018

Pinterest is one of the best ways to increase your blog traffic. It is an online engine. In the Pinterest website, you don’t go to connect with other pinners. You are going to search things.

With Pinterest what most blogger does is they publish a pin and just wait for a rolling traffic. To mention, Pinterest doesn’t support passive behaviour.

To be successful on Pinterest, you must know how Pinterest is trying to offer an amazing user experience.

How to generate traffic with Pinterest

1. User Experience

People visiting Pinterest come across pins that they are not interested, then they would stop their visit.

To be successful on Pinterest, you must appeal to two kinds of audiences:

  • Humans
  • Pinterest algorithms

If you concentrate on one over the other, you might not get the most out of Pinterest.

Once you learn the process and understand what both audiences are looking for, you will get improved traffic.

2. What people look for?

Attractive things attract human visitors. Though some ugly pins do well from time-to-time, the several of super pins look really good.

3. The principles for an amazing Pin

All of them are vertical!

The pins must be taller than wider

The ideal pin size is 735 x 1102 pixels, or related. Try sizing the pins as recommended and see how they do well on Pinterest.

All Great Pins Use Great Images

Always use font sizes which can stand out. When people fast scroll through Pinterest feed, they focus on pins with words, easy to scan.

You can use dark backgrounds.

To develop Pinterest images, the most recommend one is PicMonkey. With several fonts, templates, and effects they help you with a maximum.

A Good Headline is a must!

A great headline is eye-catching. It can bring traffic or avoid to your blog post. A catchy headline alone can make a post viral.

With several good headlines, you can create several pins and see which one works best.

4. What is Pinterest looking for?

Pinterest is quite easy to dominate is you know the principles of SEO.

Mixed with other metrics it can create a home feed that would so well fit your taste.

On Pinterest, two main ways that you will come across pins:

  • Their home feed
  • The search feature

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5. The Home Feed

The Pinterest home feed might appear mysterious, but in reality, it is not.

There are some pins that come with a label, “Picked For You.” These pins appear based on your Pinterest activity. If your activity covers cooking, then most of the pins will be under that.

The best way to add followers is to make them re-pin the pins.

This says you have to show up on the topics that people often follow and appear in search results.

Here comes the Pinterest SEO into play.

6. Pinterest SEO: Pins

Let’s start with an example. Someone is finding a fashion style. During a search, if Pinterest shows your pin, it would appear in their search. Your pin will appear if you provide the detailed information, and there will be a good chance of showing up in the search results for that fashion style. You may like to read: Best Tips For Instagram Marketing In 2018.

7. Pinterest SEO: Boards

Several bloggers use sweet board names. But to mention, they never appeal followers.

Always know that Pinterest is a platform to help people solve problems.

If people search vegan recipes then your board “Amazing Meals” won’t be showing them anyway.

Select board names that people search for and ensure to include the keywords in the board description.

8. Gaming Pinterest

It won’t be wrong to say that Pinterest acts as a game which you try to win. People search for pins around certain topics, and it’s your work to get your pins rank.

The better you are at it, the better your profile would perform to draw traffic.

The best thing is that you do not need to begin every month. The work done last month would be the foundation for the next month.

While understanding and following this post, would help you to perform well on Pinterest, if you are planning to begin with to gather a broader audience.

With this concludes. We hope this blog would help your Pinterest journey and enjoy its advantage visit official website. Let us know if you have any other tips to draw traffic using Pinterest.

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