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How To Start With Your Own Website: 6 Essential Steps

How To Start With Your Own Website: 6 Essential Steps

You must be writing small blogs and you definitely have many social media accounts and now you are planning for a website. If this is your case, then keep reading this blog, it would help you.

This could be your own e-commerce site, a blog site but subject less, or a portfolio site for your work. Having your own website always good, but people often lay back thinking it’s complicated, expensive, and thinks that you need coding expertise to set up your own website.

That’s entirely not the scene. Follow your simple guide to create your own site, dedicated blog or shop and see how easy it could be done!

1. First you need to Sign Up for a Website Platform

To initiate, you can go to WordPress which is an amazing resource. It has all the pre-built themes, templates, and guidelines to get you up and run in a flash.

Also, it’s so popular that there are thousands of YouTube videos available which can teach you how to get to the basics in details. Mainly all coders and graphic designers know how to work to WP standards, which means that if you want to get customized graphics for your site, designers would instantly know how to create your needs.

Alternatively, there are the portfolio sites like Contently, and online shops like Etsy, for you to sign up and add your content or items.

2. Choose for Your Host

For beginners, again the best idea is WordPress, otherwise, cloud-based or a shared server.

Even if you create your site through WordPress, you can host it on another platform. This means if your site gains a lot of traffic, your website can handle it. WordPress points you towards the direction of servers it partners with.

Another good choice is to look at a web host comparison site to get the best deal. MangoMatter is a UK-based site which shows you the hosts it suggests best, on a rating scale for the price, ease of usage and performance.

3. Domain name

You’ll also need a domain name. Domains you will get at different rates and many of them are already taken in today’s age. Anyways, be creative! Custom domains begin from as lesser as £1 per month – but some are completely FREE.

4. Custom Graphics

You must wonder how people customize their sites to look unique, add new pages, and get a beautiful logo. This could be that, either they have knowledge about graphics, or they’ve paid a professional to create one for them.

When you’re a beginner, you’re unlikely to have lost cash to pay a web designer. So, what you can do use, find someone who has just started to design, say students or new designers won’t charge as much as established artists do.

5. Content is the queen

Once your site is ready, you need to fill it! You need good, attractive headlines, snappy slogans, and informative content.

Think about how people would find your site, what they would type into Google? It might be a good idea to take a friend’s help what they think, before deciding on a keyword.

Include your relevant keywords in your URL, title headings, and spread throughout your content, but don’t overload. This would help people find your site when searching through Google.

6- Self-Promotion

This is a real must! Before anyone else would do it for you, you need to promote yourself! Take the best advantage of your social media accounts and let everyone know about your new site. Post Instagram pictures and stories about new products in your shop. Tweet the link to your new article. Share your video on Facebook.

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Instagram Marketing Tips for Success in 2018

In fact, you can create a dedicated Facebook page, Instagram profile, and YouTube account for your site, separate from your personal pages. What you need to do is, increase the presence of your site all over the Internet, and people would be more likely to find you. Always remember that, more followers; more clicks; more sales.

Creating and owning own website is not as complicated as it appears and even without any experience with just a bit of knowledge, you would be able to do it.

With this, we conclude. Stay connected with us and keep visiting our website ForumMantra and follow our Facebook page for more updates and news.

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