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9 Instagram Marketing Tips for Success in 2018

9 Instagram Marketing Tips for Success in 2018

Why Instagram Marketing tips needed. Being today’s generation you must be heard about Instagram? Well if you are one among them who haven’t started with an Instagram account, this post on Instagram tips for beginners will definitely help you. What only started as the younger, immature sibling of Facebook where people would filter pictures only, now businesses adopted Instagram marketing as one of their major revenue-building tools! Today Instagram has more than 1 million advertisers and 8 million business profiles. Instagram Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing.

The question is who’s on Instagram?

According to HootSuite, maximum of Instagram users live in urban areas (32%), 28% of users live in the suburbs, and 18% of users in the country. Even the gender gap has widened as there are more women than men in Instagram.

Advertising on Instagram

While Insta was slow to give advertising privileges to all, nowadays if you have a business profile you can run an advertisement on Instagram.

Advertisers now have 4 Ad options:

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Stories Ads

Why Invest in Instagram Ads?

According to Instagram, 60% people said they discover new products there, and 75% Instagrammers take action once inspired by a post.

Also, know that Instagram uses Facebook’s demographic data to serve up ads to appropriate parties. This makes the tool quite valuable for advertisers to target a niche audience because; Facebook owns a good history and better demographic targeting options.

How much the Instagram ads cost?

The model used is based on CPM’s (cost per impressions). Though Insta ads receive much higher engagement than Facebook ads, it comes with a price. According to Keith Baumwald, as the ads are quite highly targeted you could end up paying about $5 a CPM. But one advantage is that the advertisers have a control over how their budgets are allocated.

Other measures to control your Insta ad spend are, setting your ad schedule, setting your ad delivery method, and setting your bid amount.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Success in 2018

1: Start to Build a community around an actionable Instagram hashtags


This can be leveraged across other social platforms like Twitter and Pinterest, and works very well on Instagram and is the best way to engage your audience to engage with your brand.

For instance, Nike did with their winter campaign Choose Your Winter.

Smaller brands can leverage hashtag campaigns also.

Do know that the hashtags are very successful!

2: Instagram feed tips

If you want to post multiple pictures at once, use Instagram’s album feature that allows creating a carousel gram with multiple pictures in a slide format.

According to a study, a business should optimally post on Instagram per day 1-2, but no more or less. They also recommend the best times to post are between 8:00 am – 9:00 am and at 2:00 am.

3: Partner with a good cause which supports the values of your brands as well

A few brands make a unique approach to their posts by promoting and sharing partnerships with their followers.

Also, remember that Instagram marketing isn’t as strict as Twitter with its character limits while captioning a photo. With short and sweet captions you can enrich your posts.

4: Promote your Instagram on every platform

Promote your Instagram on every platform

You need to share the insta posts on other platforms as well. Add an icon of your Instagram handle to your LinkedIn profile and your business card. Repost your Instagram photos to business Twitter and personal accounts. Even if you write blogs then you can share related links with your readers.

5: Analyse the beauty in your brand

Several B2B companies already ruled Instagram as an unusable platform for their business, they feel that they don’t sell food, beer, or clothing; their products are either unattractive or intangible then why should they use insta and share photo?

But there are other ways to build your brand even without directly showcasing photographs of your products.

Take photographs in work environment to give your followers a look into the day-to-day of your company’s unique culture. Crete a hashtag and ask your employees to use those hashtags while they post a photo about their vacations.

6: Use all the Instagram tools

Use all the Instagram tools

Instagram offers several tools to beautify your photos, track your performance, and stay on top of changes.

One of the best Instagram photo tips is that learn about all the filters, special effects, and editing tools. Get your photos manipulated to get the most visually compelling result. Instagram also has a suite of business tools, so take advantage of it.

The main thing is that you need to be Insta-smart. Instagram is fast growing and changes are happening at a wink. Every business is competing with each other, so you have to pace up.

7: Exhibit beautiful experiences related to your brand

According to Instagram blog, showcase how your company visualize the world and makes it meaningful for the people. If there is no photographer, you can start a hashtag campaign and post photographs captured by your fans.

8: Get inspired

There are several incredible brands there on the platform and you must follow all of them. You will get new ideas and be more innovative rather.

Besides mimicking other companies, mimic your fans as well. According to Rachel Gillet, “In 2011 Chobani discovered that, even before they joined Instagram, their fans posted photos of their artful concoctions using the Greek yogurt. The Chobani fans used hashtags like #creationaday and #chobani to display the yogurt as a core ingredient so it appeared to Chobani to fit their well.

9: Instagram tricks to get followers

Instagram tricks to get followers

A very critical step in the process is interacting with the followers and the people you wish to follow you to earn real followers for Instagram.

If you are posting follow-worthy content then start to like, comment and follow others. If you wish people to engage with your posts, do the same with their as well. You need to search popular hashtags and like the posts. Write good comments on other’s posts and #regram images giving credit to the original.


We hope this piece of advice would help you start on Instagram marketing, so get into your iPhone and start snapping photos of every opportunity.

We conclude now. Hope the above Instagram tips for business would help you prosper in your venture.

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