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In Just 5 Steps Create A Great LinkedIn Profile

In Just 5 Steps Create A Great LinkedIn Profile

Tips on how to create a great LinkedIn profile for students!

Student life is both fun and stressful as well. With worries about exams, job searches and planning the next concern is how to create a LinkedIn profile to stand out to the professional brands and get job opportunities. This blog is to address why you need a LinkedIn profile makeover for better career prospect and how to make a LinkedIn profile for students.

Here is listed some quick ways on how to create a LinkedIn profile for job search, that would make you stand out among the rest:

Just follow these basic steps for a great LinkedIn Profile.

1. A short LinkedIn summary

Your profile mustn’t only be a list of your courses and experiences. Show them some personality and share what you’re passionate about. So make the best use of the summary section to do this, in fact about 87% of recruiters look for personality.

Mention your qualifications, skills, life goals and what makes you unique. Don’t fear to appear enthusiastic and bold.

2. Add a recent photo

Photos add to your profile legitimacy. It could be a selfie as well, but recent and clear.

You must choose your best foot forward in proper dress and without your pet or friends in the image.

A picture really creates a difference, LinkedIn members who include a photo receives up to 21 times more profile views and up to 36 times more messages. This confirms that you are more likely to be found by recruiters and others which could help you in offering a job. You can also check out some LinkedIn profile samples of successful people as a reference.

3. Mention your education on LinkedIn Profile

Your education and the subjects you’ve mastered helps in showing who you are and what you know. You can add your courses, scores, organizations, honors, awards and more.

You can also include your writing samples, design works and more relevant things to your profile.

4. Highlight your skills and get endorsed and recommended

Whether during your courses or through work experience, you’ve gained some relevant workplace skills.

Ensure that you added the top skills for which you want to be recognized by your profile, and LinkedIn does the work of getting them in front of the right people who can endorse you. You need to follow some great examples of LinkedIn profiles to get an exact idea.

5. Post updates and remain engaged

Keep your Professional LinkedIn profile fresh and easily found able to significant employers by posting updates, regularly. You could share articles, and write content on topics you know about, and keep a watch on who’s seeing your posts. This can take you in front of the people who could matter to your career path and start conversations.

This blog about LinkedIn profile tips is to help you in your career path. Life becomes easy with a proper guidance and hopes this piece of information helps you in your professional sphere. Just follow them to make your profile appear as one of the best LinkedIn profiles.

With this, we conclude. Do keep visiting our website ForumMantra and remain connected by liking our Facebook page.


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