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List of Best Medicinal Plants For Skin Care

List of Best Medicinal Plants For Skin Care

There are lots of people who use healing plants in folk medicine for a long time. Let us see some of the best medicinal plants for skin care:

Medicinal plants for skin care:

1) Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Other than relaxing and sedating effects there is a large number of medical properties. It also assists in improving circulations that permits regeneration of all tissues in our body and also makes very good skin quality. A linalool compound is available in large amounts in Lavender. It is a compound that has been confirmed to assist treat and has a good quality skin health. It also prevents skin tissue degeneration and avoids premature wrinkle formation.

2) Aloe Vera

It is another wonderful healing plant for treating and enhancing the skin appearance. This is used as a gel in folk medicine. Most of the women use this product before applying makeup. Thus it provides adequate skin hydration.

3) Yarrow

A medicinal herbal plant called yarrow has been used since ages and it assists to treat the wounds and cuts. Apart from that it also clears the skin from ulcers and infections. It also helps in maintaining a healthy mucous membrane. It is also used to treat mount infections, periodontal disease, and inflammation of the gum. The yarrow also helps to reduce the inflammation of uterus diseases.

4) Chamomile

It is also possible for you to find chamomile on the fields and in the past ten years the weeds are destroyed by the use of chemicals on the soil. It is very difficult to find this healing plant. This is one of the best medicines for skin for ages. Most of the skin creams contain this ingredient.

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