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New Leaked Emails Claim Kangana-Ranbir Relationships

New Leaked Emails Claim Kangana-Ranbir Relationships

It seems the Kangana- Hrithik fiasco is never ending and with pulling Ranbir within, the affair is getting muddier. With the recent disclosing of the Roshan’s that the emails were not sent to Kangana by Hrithik, another controversy surfaced where another set of emails were released, dated August 25, 2014, there is a mention of “RK”, believed to be Ranbir Kapoor.

The e-mail has a mention about “Rangu” (Rangoli, Kangana’s sister) who wrote to Hrithik about Kangana being “friends with benefits” with a certain “RK”, which appears a reference to Ranbir. It appears, Rangoli was keen to see Kangana and Ranbir in a relationship as Kangana have been exchanging hostile emails with Hrithik, while Ranbir was very warm in nature.

According to the email, Ranbir never paid any attention to Kangana prior to Queen. However, everything changed when he saw her Queen’s performance. During Kangana’s stay at Gwalior during the shooting for Revolver Rani, Ranbir supposedly made a little straightforward approach and expressed interest in her, though she didn’t accept him as she was “in love” with someone else (Hrithik).

The e-mail also continues to say that Kangana later “asked him if he’d be interested in a physical relationship”, as a “regular relationship” was not possible as she was in love with someone else. Kangana mentioned that she’s can’t understand, why he got so annoyed as he was seeing kat as well.

Though it was not mentioned clearly that “RK” was Ranbir, the specific mention of “Kat” eliminates all the doubts. We all know that Ranbir and Katrina had a long-term relationship that ended finally.

Another interesting thing is that a source close to Kangana told Mumbai Mirror in March 2016 that when her relationship with Hrithik was not going good, a “young superstar” was trying to woo him. This happens to be the same report where the friend claimed the fact that Hrithik proposed to Kangana in Paris.

But it was perhaps Ranveer Singh who spoke about Ranbir’s ‘fondness’ for Kangana on a chat show where the two actors appeared together. Do you remember, when Karan Johar, asked Ranveer during rapid fire round, who he would want to set Ranbir up with, then he did not think twice before uttering Kangana’s name? And then Ranveer added,” “Fireworks. He loves it.”

Meanwhile to summarise what Hrithik has to say about the fiasco is that there was an alleged 7-year-long, passionate affair between two high profile celebrities but nothing exists as an exchange or any sort of proof to a romantic relationship. Yet it is to believe the other party because the diction is – Why would a girl lie!

So what do you think are these claims true in the emails? Or a forensic report would say they were sent by an imposter?

Though Kangana’s lawyer and her sister Rangoli hit back at the Krish actor, post his clarifications.

We conclude now, with a hope that this fiasco ends very soon with real conclusions.

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