anything to fix it other than getting a new machine. ??


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We have a small Practice only two man show. i am the computer guy sense i am still in school. the problem is that recently by updating my pc laptop to service pac 2 or sometime prior the two computers no longer communicate with another. My boss is running an apple G-4 with the latest mac OS. I have tried everything i can think of. when my boss tries to log onto server (my laptop)using the IP he is asked for his user name and password by my machine. then he gets an error message telling him system resources not found. it was all working so well and some stupid update that i am completely unable to track down messed it all up. neither one of the machines can see the other when browsing the network. i tried setting back my system and that didn\\\’t even work which decent make sense. i will try just about anything to fix it other than getting a new machine.

Please help.

I didn\\\’t find the right solution from the internet.

Transport Management Video

Thank you.

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