Blockchain – The future of business applications


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As the blockchain technology is ruling currently and it is the hottest trends in finance, there are many ways to invest in this technology. Many investors are already looking for how to tap profit potential by bitcoin technology in future. I would like to share my views on current and future investment on blockchain.

1. Thus blockchain technology has many applications, several companies offers blockchain solutions for banking and finance, insurance, internet of things(IOT), marketing, education, media, medical industry, health care etc.

2. As the Blockchain technology process is safe and secure with decentralized nature, it is applicable in all above fields. One of the most common field is cryptocurrency.

3. Investing in crowd funding platforms is the best idea. Another possibility is to invest in initial coin offering(ICO) as it is a new form of crowd funding.

4. Investing in blockchain startups – Lot of startups are using blockchain to produce coins, tokens , transferring coins or tokens from one person to another. As the price of cryptocurrencies has increased, investing in bitcoin business will yield you with high profit in the future.

Thus these variety of applications shows that how much blockchain technology is contributing in all fields. If you asked me where will you invest? I will choose investing in bitcoin exchange business, as it is one of the most promising sector.

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