CRB Tech Review -Are they providing 100% job guarantee?


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Want to know crb tech provide 100% job guarantee or not.I saw their reviews but still confused.

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Based on my personal experience, I can tell you that CRB Tech does provide a 100% job guarantee. It’s not just a verbal promise. They provide job guarantee in writing. That too on a legal stamp paper.

    I feel, that’s where CRB differs from other training and placement service providers.

    CRB Tech==100% job !!!

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    I have joined CRB Tech through one of my reference Kamlesh who got placed in IBM through CRB Tech Training and Placement program. It was wonderful experience to be in CRB Tech. Whatever training i took in CRB Is really helpful to me now. And I am getting better recognition in my office. I am very much happy as part of CRB tech . I would love to refer to others as well. Thanks Once Again!!!

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    If you want to become technically sound in the mechanical engineering domain, training and placement program of CRB Tech is perfect for you. I can tell from my experience over there.
    In addition, they also teach other personality development skills like English communication etc.

    Both technical and non-technical trainers over there are good.

    Placement team gives you many interview calls.

    The culture at CRB Tech is also very good.

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    My experience at CRB was very good. The working environment, Trainers and sessions were very good.After joining CRB,
    I found lot of changes in myself both technically as well as personally.
    I took my Auto-Cad & basic Engineering training under Amit Sir he was very good in terms of training as well as in giving us exposure of latest industrial trends. Plus I got to learn an additional foreign language German. And the placement team work very hard in placing you in good companies. Yes, they give 100% placement guarantee. I am very happy with my placement.
    Thank you crbtech for delivering everything that you promised.

  5. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    CRB Tech helped me to understand all technical and logical concepts.All trainers are very good and supportive.My special thanks to placement team for providing me good opportunity .

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    There is a proper way of getting the job in corporate world, Which is never taught to a candidate in college. CRB has that structure which transform a college student to become a professional.
    Entering into a corporate world is all about the interpersonal skills with excellent technical knowledge which I got here in CRB and most important the self confidence and self-belief which I got here. CRB played a major role to transform me completely and getting me a good job from the point of view of career.

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    Hello Friends,

    I am Miss. Mayuri Choundikar. I have completed BE Mechanical in 2012 and also completed ME Design in 2016 from JJMCOE Jaysingpur. Then I worked as an assistant professor in Engineering college. At that time, my colleague told me about CRB Tech. Then I sent my resume to CRB Tech, then they forwarded my resume to Cummins India Pvt. Ltd. After some time I got call for the interview. In the interview there were Technical and HR rounds.
    Yesterday, I got call from CRB Tech, they said that you are selected for Cummins. I was feeling very happy to hear that. Thank you so much CRB Tech to give me such a fantastic opportunity.
    Once again, Thanks CRB Tech.

  8. Jitin Mohan Joseph

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    My name is Jitin Mohan Joseph. I am from Pune. I got placed in Quick Heal Technologies as a Support Engineer in Networking profile. I joined CRB Tech in the month of November 2016.
    My counselor was Nilay Sir. I take this opportunity to thank CRB for helping me build my career in Networking profile. The Softskill session conducted by Leena Maam and Yashika Maam was really helpful because of which I was able to improve on my English. I was very poor in Maths because of which I was not able to clear the apti. round but because of Sumant Sir, I was not only able to improve the problem solving skills, but I was able to do it in less time which is very much needed at the time of aptitude rounds. The mock interviews helped me out on my interview skills.

    Placement team is the main attraction in CRB as what is important for us is to get a job as soon as possible. I started getting calls from the first month itself. I used to get minimum 3 calls per week.
    I would like to thank Arti Maam and Shubhangi Maam as they were always there to listen to my queries and resolve them. I would like to thank them in helping me getting a job in my profile that is Networking. Lastly, I feel great to be a part of the Nov batch.

    Thank you.

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    CRB Tech is very nice when it comes to placement. Before coming here I had nothing but now I have everything. Before this, I used to get rejected in company because of my lack of technical knowledge. All the trainers worked on my weak part. They groomed us before going to interview. About placement calls, we got lots of calls from here which I never got from outside. After getting rejected, placement team discussed about our weak points on which we have to work on. As per my perspective, this is very good institute for freshers who are facing problems while getting placed. They have very good tie ups with most of the companies. They work not only on our technical part but also on our communication, personality development. All we have to do is to grasp everything which they teach us and face interview with confidence. I would like to recommend it to all who are facing difficulties. Believe me, you will be on right hand after coming here.

    Yes CRB Tech provides 100% placement guarantee and I got placed in Capgemini India Pvt Ltd.

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    My name is Priyesh Kumar. I had enrolled myself in CRB Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in CAE domain in February 1st 2017 batch. I got placed in Vaal Triangles Pvt. Ltd. CRB Tech had help me a lot to get this job. I want to thank all the trainers of CRB Tech who have helped me during the entire training period. Trainers from the CAE domain Amit Sir and Prathima Ma’am guided me and gave all the necessary knowledge in which I was lacking and which eventually helped me to get this job. I also want to thank the members of Placement team, they were very supportive.

    I got placed in Vaal Triangles Pvt. Ltd. There were 4 rounds in the whole selection process. First round was the aptitude round followed by two technical rounds and the last round was Skype interview with the company’s Director. Placement Team helped me to get this interview co-ordinated and they kept me updated with all the information regarding the interview.

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    All the training session in CRB Tech helped me a lot to crack the interview. Especially Soft-skills sessions taken by Kaustubh Sir helped me to improve my confidence. At the start of the training Leena Desai Maa’m sessions were helpful by giving us task for GD. Also the Technical sessions taken by Technical Trainer Shweta Mam helped me to perform well in the interview. I really don’t know what is seo but day by day shweta Mam taught all the term related to digital marketing . Also Sumant Sir at the time of Aptitude Session gave me the courage to tackle or face the difficulties in every walks of training.
    Apart from this in CRB Tech every member is so helpful , they are always ready to solve your problems no matter what the problem is. I learnt many things from CRB Tech.

    Yes CRB Tech does provide 100% placement guarantee and I am the standing proof for that as I am placed in Swaroop Techno Components Pvt Ltd.

    Thank You “CRB Tech for such a great experience…!

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    Professional experience with personal touch

    First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself.
    Experience for training program with CRB Tech was quite useful & learning experience for me. I enjoyed the every aspect of training. Sessions were quite interactive especially for German, English and Soft-skills. I would like to thank my counsellor Mr. Chandrashekhar Prasad, every trainer viz., Mrs. Pallavi Dange for German, Mrs. Leena Desai for English, Ms. Shilpi Rastogi for Soft Skills & Mr. Varun Singh for Clinical Research, placement team Ms. Aarti & supporting staff viz., Diptee Ma’am, Akshay dada, Rahul dada and all guard kaka’s for being very supportive & friendly throughout every phase of training. Personal counselling sessions with Ms. Shilpi & Mrs. Leena Desai helped me a lot in terms of boosting my confidence where-ever required. Especially, Tips & lessons given by Ms. Shilpi will be helpful throughout the life for personal as well as professional endeavours. That’s why I would like to call this training program as “Professional experience with personal Touch”.

    I have been placed in Sci-Edge Abstract Pvt. Ltd on the position of Temporary Project Assistant. Tips given my Ms. Rastogi were very helpful to crack the interview. I would also like to thank Ms. Aarti from placement team for timely opportunities. Though my current position is temporary, I look forward to CRB Tech for more progressive opportunities in future.
    Thank you.

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    Hello Guys,
    My name is Devidas Mahajan. Just before 2 months I was very tensed and was really worried about my future bcz I was unemployed. So, I started searching for job from internet. From internet I came to know about CRB Tech. Firstly, I made a call to CRB office; counsellor was on the other side.

    I gave all my details and specified my requirements, she (Neha Maner) ensured me that just visit the office once and have a talk with me. I was satisfied with the training module so took admission at CRB Tech. After starting my training. C,C++ and D.S was taken by Shraddha Mam, she teaches each and every point in depth thank you so much Shraddha mam for making our base strong. Java is taken by Khan sir he also teaches each concept in detail. Soft Skill is taught by Kaustubh sir the soft skill part is very useful for any candidate to crack interviews. Aptitude is taught by Sumant sir he makes each concept very easy it becomes very easy to crack the aptitude round of an company.

    Placement team is always there to help you at any time so don’t worry about anything regarding the placements.
    After 2 months of training, I got placed in Eternus Solutions with the support of all faculties,placement team.

    Thank you CRB for helping me grow day by day in each and every field related to technical or personality development or aptitude or placements.

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    Before visiting CRB I have visited more than 15 institutes but I chose CRB because I got to learn so many things like communicational skills, German, C,C++,JAVA and what not. I had done enough practice to be perfect. The most helpful training from CRB for me was soft skills. Mrs. Shilpi Rastogi ma’am have helped me a lot. Mrs. Shraddha ma’am helped me with programming, etiquettes rules taught by Priyanka madam was also valuable, Vishal(mane) sir’s motivation was inspiring,Mr. Khan sir’s deep knowledge in JAVA helped me in gathering the same, placement teams confidence in me and guidance of Mridul Sir have helped me to crack the interview. I would like to thank all from my behalf for giving me such a beautiful opportunity sir/ma’am it happened because of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I went for drive of Eternus solutions through CRB and there were 6 selection rounds

    1. First was Aptitude which was tricky and had questions related to each technology, like C,C++,JAVA, JAVA script,OS in technical and problems on Blood relations,trains speed, profit and loss etc.

    2. Second round was extempore where they told me to talk on any topic I like. They checked my communication skills over here.

    3.Third was Technical where questions were on OOPS, Database(MYSQL-Foereign key, difference between primary and unique key).

    4.Fourth was HR1 round it went for about 1 hour with all tricky questions.

    5.It was the HR2 round

    6.The CXO round.

    It was all possible because the placement team and my trainers.

    They have motivated me and groomed me in such a way that I was confident to face the interview along with my technical skills,

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