How many types of winding are used in AC and DC motors?


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How many types of winding are used in AC and DC motors

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    Stator(stationary part) & rotor( rotating part).

    There are 2 types of winding in DC Motors.

    Field Winding:-The winding that produces the working flux and do not vary with load is the exciting or field winding.Field winding is essential for the production of magnetic field which makes it possible to convert energy from mechanical to electrical form and vice versa.

    Armature Winding:-handles all transformed power ,carries the load current, it handles alternating current only hence laminated to reduce eddy losses plus its rating is equal to the rating of our machines.Armature current depend on the type of load.

    The AC motor commonly consists of two basic parts, an outside stationary stator having coils supplied with alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field, and an inside rotor attached to the output shaft producing a second rotating magnetic field. The rotor magnetic field may be produced by permanent magnets.

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    I could explain bit more about Armature winding sometimes you might have the question like a what is Armature Winding, there types and differences between them? So let get into the details here:
    Armature winding is a type of conductor arrangement to yield EMF by relative motion in a hetropolar magnetic field.
    The conductors are connected by two ways:
    1) Connected in series to raise voltage ratings.
    2) Connected in parallel to raise current ratings.
    Types of winding:
    Closed Winding
    Open Winding
    Comparison between the two:
    Closed Winding:
    Closed path surrounding the periphery
    Winding is double layered type
    Used in D.C. machines
    Not a flexible design
    Open Winding:
    Open at one or more points resulting in several sections
    Can be either single or double layer type
    Used in A.C. Machine
    Quite flexible design
    Types of D.C. Armature Winding
    D.C. winding is of two types, based on how the conductors are connected:
    Lap winding (connected in series)
    Wave winding ( Connected parallel)
    Advantages of wave winding:
    1) For a certain number of poles and armature conductors, it yields more EMF than lap winding.
    2) Equalizer connections are not needed as necessary in lap winding
    AC armature winding
    In AC machines, the stator has AC armature winding where the alternating EMF is induced. The winding of armature for DC machines is closed and the closed windings are a double layered type. The armature for AC machines is always open.
    Types of AC armature winding
    Single layer winding
    Double layer winding
    They are next classified as below:
    1. Single layer winding:
    Concentric windings:
    2. Hemitropic winding or half coil winding
    3. Whole coil winding
    Mush winding
    2. Double layer winding:
    Lap winding:
    1. Integral slot winding
    2. Fractional slot winding
    Wave Winding:
    1. Integral slot winding
    2. Fractional slot winding
    This is a gist of Armature AC and DC winding. With this we conclude. Hope this piece of information will help you understand the basics of armature winding.
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