How to create a basic WordPress theme?


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Creating A Basic WordPress Theme

Coming up with a theme is a basic thing in case of web design, if you are using WordPress. Here is a tutorial that would guide you on the basics of creating a WordPress Theme.

To begin constructing your theme, first step would be to create a sub-folder in the wp-content/themes registry inside your WordPress folder. With the end goal of this instructional exercise, we will refer the folder as “tutorial_theme”. The folder name should compare to the name of the theme you need to make. In order to do this you can utilize either your most loved FTP client or the File Manager tool within your cPanel.

Before you begin creating the theme, you ought to choose how the format of your site will resemble. In this instructional exercise we see a WordPress theme that comprises of a header, sidebar, content area and a footer.

For creating such a type of WordPress theme, below mentioned files need to be created inside the tutorial_theme directory:

  • index.php- This file is the main one. It will consist of code for the main area and details of where rest of the files are included.
  • footer.php- This will take care of the footer.
  • header.php- It will consist of the code for header section.
  • sidebar.php- It will store the information about the sidebar.
  • style.css- It will take care of the styling part for the new theme.

You can create the above files locally with a basic content editor(like notepad) and upload them using FTP or you can utilize the File Manager device in your cPanel to create files specifically on your host account.

Thus we saw the basics of creating a WordPress Theme.

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