how to face interview?


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


wants to know about the interview

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    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    1. Know The Company : Research well about the company you are applying for and know their aim, mission, vision, values and functions. Using this information in your answers will create the right impression in front of your employer.
    2. The Introduction : Tell me about yourself’ is every employers favorite question! You can read the best reply to this answer here.
    3. What Can You Offer? : Thoroughly know the job title you are applying for, the responsibilities and why you are fit for the job. For every point that you make, try to have an instance where you have used that quality.
    4. Act Confident : This can be quite a task considering it’s the first time you are sitting for an interview but you have to pull off this lie. You have to act confident and make the employer feel that you perfectly fit the job.
    5. Never Lie In Your Resume : Lying can backfire! The person sitting in front of you has ample experience of interviews and can easily know when you are faking it. So keep it real and only write in your CV.
    6. Dress Well : No one can stress enough on the fact that in case of an interview, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ Put on your best clothes and look neat when going for an interview.
    7. Have Your Questions Ready : Be observant and notice what’s going around you. Once the interviewer is done asking you questions, it is going to be your turn. Return the favor! Ask if you have any questions about the company, the role they are offering you the job for et al. Just make sure they don’t come across as offensive or rude.
    8. Thank You Mail :Whether or not you are hired, make sure you send the employer a thank you mail after the interview telling them how you are glad you got this opportunity and how you hope you are selected for the same.

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