how to find more bugs in software testing?


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bugs of test program


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    1) Understand the entire application or module inside and out before beginning the testing.

    2) Prepare great test cases before begin to testing. I mean give weight on the functional test cases which incorporates significant danger of the application.

    3) Create an adequate test information before tests, this informational index incorporate the test cases conditions and furthermore the database records on the off chance that you will test DB related application.

    4) Perform rehashed tests with various test condition.

    5) Try to discover the outcome example and after that contrast your outcomes and those examples.

    6) When you believe that you have finished a large portion of the test conditions and when you think you are drained to some degree at that point do some monkey testing.

    7) Use your past test information example to examine the present arrangement of tests.

    8) Try some standard experiments for which you found the bugs in some unique application. Like in the event that you are trying information content box take a stab at embeddings some html labels as the sources of info and see the yield in plain view page.

    9) Last and the best trap is make a decent attempt to discover the bug

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