How to increase page authority and domain authority?


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How to enhance Domain and Page Authority? Tell me Any easy ways to do it?

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  1. K_Priya

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    To enhance your Domain and Page Authority you have to increase links to your website mainly to your homepage if your intention is to increase that. For that you must ahve some decent content which is link worthy and then you have to ensure that it gains exposure There are several ways to do that:
    Detailed product reviews,
    A blog
    How to videos related to your products and how they might come in while carrying out a task for example
    Content curation.
    For the exposure part; best place to begin is to develop social networks and start to interact and develop relationships with people who are likely to have an interest in your products in your area. After building relationships you can introfuce them to your new content, which will next hopefully ne shared on to your social following and with this you can start to gain links and eventually extablish authority in the process!
    While doing this and with your hard work, your DA and PA would increase as you want it to. Only remember that while building links in a post do not over do the anchor text and always opt for quality links over the count, don’t apply methods, like forum signature and blog comments.
    In gist you have to encourage social sharing of your pages and the links, G+’s, Likes and tweets would follow, then the Page will get food ranking. Its a long process, but be consistent.

  2. Ashraf

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    You have to expand connections to your site through dofollow online diaries and Dofollow talks use the dofollow property and that makes you help your backlinks and give interface cherish. Association juice from a high DA blog or assembling is valuable for your blog to help your Google situating

    Exceptionally, if you are dynamic in a strength gathering which licenses dofollow backlinks, you won’t simply get a quality interface with your site anyway you will moreover be getting centered around movement

    The most effective method to utilize Forums to advertise your site

    Here might be a rundown of dofollow gatherings that have high Domain expert, enlist there utilize your web log connect as signature and watch that that you simply keep dynamic as these discussions square measure frightfully dynamic and you may get backlinks likewise as movement

    1. Warrior forum
    2. Deviantart
    3. File Sharing Forum
    4. Geek Village Forum
    5. GardenWeb
    6. FileZilla Forum
    7. Antionline
    8. XDA developers forum
    9. Windows Forum
    10. SEOChat forum
    11. Cheftalk forum
    12. Miui Android Forum
    13. Business Advice Forum
    14. IDPF
    15. HTML Forum
    16. MyGame Builder Forum
    17. PhpBB Forum
    18. Web-hosting Forum
    19. V7nForum
    20. Joomla Forum
    21. CNET Forum
    22. Mysql Forum
    23. Digital point Forum
    24. Site Point Forum
    25. What is my IP
    26. Ubuntu forums
    27. Audacity forum
    28. Chronicle Forum
    29. Photoshop designs

    Do share more forums who are using dofollow attribute with high Domain authority and are very active


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    You have to build/ get backlinks to your website in order to increase PA/DA. If you need further information on that Google Brian Dean or Neil Patel

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    This is one of the articls from Brian Dean:

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