How to Increase Website Authority?


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How to increase website authority of your site?

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    Ways to increase website Authority:
    1. Earn links from more sites:
    Link building is always considered wrong, but you can earn links for you. As “the number of root domains linking” is a major factor to boost your domain authority, try to get more and more sites linking to you.

    2. Start marketing your content:
    Content marketing is the new concept in the blogging world. You need to market your content to increase its reach. The more eyes on your content, the more will it help the readers and hence more link backs, more social shares, and more authority.

    3. Build a well-planned internal link structure:
    Internal links are said to have occurred when a link in an article takes you to another related article on the same site. In other words, interlink all your posts to have better on page SEO and finally an improved domain authority.

    4. Social media optimization:
    Use social media to market your content and reach more audience. The more the people affected by your writing, the more the authority of your articles.

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