Microsoft Dot Net Certifications – What and why ?


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About what is Microsoft Certification of Dot Net and its importance.

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    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    *Firstly check what is Microsoft Certification?

    Microsoft accreditation is a course or exam directed by Microsoft(R) through a seller called Prometric.

    This exam is taken on PC on a software which is Windows based application that gives you different decision alternatives for a question (MCQ’s) and you need to choose one answer out of them.

    There is no positioning system here, either your pass or fail any way you are given a percentage. So if you got more percentage, you improved your self and it is good for you. 🙂

    *Why to do Microsoft certifications?

    It is not compulsory to get certified from Microsoft with a specific end goal to work in the Microsoft Technologies.

    Neither one of its is compulsory to get guaranteed to land a decent position in the product organization. But by this anyplace you can go when you are a Microsoft guaranteed.

    . Personal benefit:
    -All certifications courses are based on the real time scenario problem solutions. Naturally when you get the certificate you must have studied for it. Studying gives you enough knowledge to solve any kind of the problem that you might face in your day to day life as a software professional.

    . Professional benefit:
    -When there is a crowd of candidates for the job, a resume with Microsoft certification logos gives more weight and as a result there is more chance of your resume getting shortlisted.
    -When the interviewer or employer sees your resume with Microsoft certifications logo, in the first instance itself they get a good feeling about you and hopefully you will be treated in much better way.

    How does this certification benefit the software company?

    At the point when a customer offers a project to the organization actually, they anticipate that the best specialists will work for them. It dislikes engineers who are not Microsoft(R) ensured are bad, there are many engineers out there who are wonderful with no certification or degree.

    So when they offer a project to the software organization and even they tells that their engineers are Microsoft Certified, the customer gets a positive sentiment about it and get certainty about the great conveyance of the project.

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