What are the different types of coffee drinks?


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What are the different types of coffee drinks that you know? You should share the different types of coffee drinks so that we could have more options rather just drinking black coffee. And please give the recipe to make it.
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    I love coffee! If you want to try best coffee I am giving two coffee names and how to make them so enjoy reading and make coffee for yourself.

    Espresso is a strong black coffee it is made by forcing the steam through dark-roast aromatic coffee beans on high pressure in an espresso machine. A perfectly brewed espresso will have a golden brown cream or foam on the surface. If the crema is good, the sugar you add will float on the surface for a couple of seconds before slowly going to bottom.

    Espresso, it is the foundation for a wide variety of specialty coffee drinks, such as the cappuccino, but many aficionados and purists insist that adding anything (besides a bit of sugar) is blasphemy, akin to Scotch lovers mixing their single malt with Coke.

    How to make it: Espresso should be taken either on its own or with a small teaspoon of sugar. Having it “short” means that it has less water and is thats way it is more concentrated.

    You can give it a twist: Adding a dollop of steamed milk and it will creates an espresso macchiato i.e stained or marked. Topping an espresso with whipped cream makes it an espresso “corrected” is made by adding a splash of grappa.


    This one also most popular coffee drink has become a staple it is even the most common of corner coffee shops carries. A real cappuccino is a combination of same or equal of parts espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. This luxurious drink, if made properly, it can be double as a dessert with its complex flavor.

    How to make it: It is common method to sprinkle your cappuccino froth with a small bit of less sweetened cocoa powder or you can add grated dark chocolate.

    If you want give it a little twist: Take your cap “scuro” (dark) means you want less milk than you generally takes, while charlo means you want more iced cappuccino makes a great drink in Summer, and a “skinny” cappuccino is made with nonfat milk and skim.

    I hope you will like these coffee types and comment me how you feel after taking it.
    With this I am taking full stop here I would like to have more interaction on this topic share your recipe with me too.

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