What are the best keyword research tools ?


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5 keyword research tools

If you need to get long-lasting and valuable traffic then do try the best keywords research tools. Here we share just the top 5 best keyword tools for your assistance. A good traffic also takes work, experience, consistency and great content.

Here are the 5 keyword research tools and how to make use of them:

1. Google keyword planner plus Wikipedia pages

This method makes use to hack of Google’s keyword planner landing pages report.


  • First, find Wikipedia page of the topic.
  • Plug the same into the ‘Landing Page’ area in Keyword Planner.
  • Use filters for niche ideas.

2. SEO book keyword density analyzer plus Wikipedia

Same like the above, combine a tool with Wikipedia pages for more topics.

How to use:

  • Find the Wikipedia page about the topic.
  • Plug into keyword density tool.
  • Scan the results for topics you did not think about.

3. Google AutoSuggest

This method is all about the use of tool’s creativity. You can see 10 suggested keywords in Autosuggest. You can also put the cursor in-between words to find suggestions which will the blanks.

Use letters for further suggestions.

4. Answer The Public

Though not much exclusive in terms of information. But it is on the list because it shows the search suggesting results. Most SEO keyword tools are not attractive, but this has some great UX and design.

The potential of the tool relies on its display, which can be downloaded as one complete image file.

5. Google Search Analytics

This is the perfect tool for a process that Cyrus Shepard wrote on Moz. He even calls it as his “Single Best SEO Tip”. This actually flips around conventional “keyword research” process.

Hope this helps you in your deciding which keyword research tools you must be used to draw a good and long-lasting traffic.

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    Google’s KeyWord Planner is best of all. But it requires active campaign in order to see all the stats.

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    nice post

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