What are the best places to visit in India for kids?


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If you want to know the best places for traveling with your kids here is I am giving a list of few places that are really amazing.

  • Matheran – Zip-lining and toy train
  • Mussoorie – Treks, history, and cable car
  • Sikkim – Buddhist culture, wildlife, and China border
  • Munnar – Tea gardens and Kalaripayattu
  • Kashmir – Houseboat and shikaras
  • Munnar – boating, elephant rides & paragliding
  • Goa – day on shores, take them to wildlife sanctuaries & forts.

I have my experience about Goa trip if you want to read it you can read  My GOA Trip : An Amazing Experience

  • Chennai – check out museums, enjoy thrilling rides in amusement parks
  • Mussoorie – Soft trekking, cable car rides, bathing in waterfalls, boating
  • Gulmarg – Gondola,  skiing, snow fights
  • New Delhi – theme parks, city tour, visit to museums, street shopping
  • Manali – zorbing, horse riding, river rafting, camping, skiing
  • Lonavala – Camping, trekking, hot air balloon rides, adventure camps.

Here is my list let me know in the comment box are your best places, I haven’t personally visited all of them but surely most of them I have been there and remaining ones are on my list.

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