What are the best places to visit in Shirdi?


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want to know about shirdi

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    Shirdi is a holy land which has so many places to visit there. You should visit these places and understand the history of saibaba.
    1) Shri saibaba samadhi mandir : The shrine temple is full of devotees eagerly queuing up to have Baba’s darshan. People carry flowers, garlands, sweets, or fruit to offer Baba at his Samadhi. Some may have personal items- such as a shawl, book, key to new possession, etc, for which they want to get Baba’s blessing.
    2)The statue and tomb of Sri Sai Baba: The statue is admired as an extraordinary and exquisite image, excluding grace and benevolence. Baba sits relaxed, natural and majestic, gazing beningly on the millions of diverse visitors who flock to him for succour. Many have commented on the lifelike quality of the eyes, as these are typically the most difficult feature to portray in a stone sculpture.
    3) Dwarkamai: Dwarkamai is one of the treasures of shirdi. The spirit of toleramce, acceptance and welcome for all alive. It is typically unique of saibaba that he ragarded a place of worship the mosque as a mother. Dwarkamai is a very mosque she makes those who ascends her steps fearless. Those who come here they reach their goal.
    4) Chavdi : It is place that Saibaba used to taking rest. Chavdi means “Village-Office”, it is the place that where taxes are collected. Village record kept.
    5) Khandoba temple : This temple have two importance first as the sai baba entered in shirdi with the wedding party and second as a place that he aquired his name.
    As many places there we see like
    Dixit wada Museum, Gurusthan , Shani Shingnapur, Jangli Maharaj Mandir.

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