What are the Electromagnetic clutch advantages and limitations


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want to know about Electromagnetic clutch advantages and limitations

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    The operating principle of an actuator of electromagnetic clutch is an electromagnetic effect, but torque transmission is mechanical. The difference between electromagnetic clutch and the regular clutch is the way they control the movement of pressure plates.
    They could be used for remote applications as they do not need linkage to actuate the clutch. They are used in printing machinery, conveyor drives, copier machines and factory automation. In an automobile, it replaces clutch pedal with a switch button. A smaller EM clutch is used to drive the compressor of air conditioning system.
    The complicated linkage is not needed to control the clutch.
    High initial costing.
    Operating temperature is limited because at high-temperature insulation gets damaged.
    The risks of overheating during engagement.
    The brushes to energize coils need a periodic check.

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