What do you think about Arnab Goswami?


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Do you think Arnab is doing right kind of journalism

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  1. Renuka

    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Since last 4 years I am listening to Arnab Goswami’s debates first few years I was much interested in his debates but now sometimes it feels the Arnab I was listening since few year now changes with his channel. Now he speaks like BJP spoke person all the debate are just focus on trending topics not trending but he chooses topics wisely that he knows which topic will create more buzz so that he can get more TRP.
    Also at the initial tune when I was thinking about Arnab two diametrically opposite images come to mind. One image is that of a bright intellectual person, with excellent communication and oratory skills, an ability to take risks, an incredible passion for succeeding and making a name for himself. The other image is that of a scheming arrogant individual serving his masters, creating a TRP-generating cacophonous show that has no regard to ethics of journalism or basic human respect for his panelists or people in general, is willing to go any extent to spread lies targeting the opponents of his masters and playing cheerleader to the BJP government at the Centre.
    It is sad that such a talented human being is misusing his talent for unethical and sometimes illegal purposes. e.g. Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV flouting rules says NBA in Trai complaint
    Many viewers complain and make fun of his yelling and shouting, and the heavy-handed approach of announcing the verdict before asking a panelist. However, many others enjoy his WWF-style show for its entertainment value. Probably, that explains a relatively high TRP of his show. There may be one more reason for high TRP — the choice of topics on his show. Typically, they are either sensational gossipy kinds like “who killed Sunanda?”, “Lalu’s corruption”, etc. or strongly emotional ones like “I stand with our Jawans”. If you are interested in real topics that the country faces, like why are farmers in distress or why did demonetization fail or why do our jawans not get decent food, don’t bother to go to Arnab’s show.
    Sometime before someone asked Arnab how he claims no bias when a businessman, who is associated with BJP, although his channel also linked to his channel. His one-liner defense, the guy is a nationalist.

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