What is mechanical Testing


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want to know about mechanical testing

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    Tensile testing systems use a number of different units of measurement.
    Tensile testing at elevated temperature.
    High temperature tensile testing is a method to test the properties of a material at above room temperature. It will state the following parameters:
    Tensile strength
    Yield strength
    Lowering of area

    Specialist testing, measurement and control device is needed to perform this test.
    The results of such a test will provide a good indication of the static load bearing capacity of the material and therefore establishes the suitability of a material for its intended purpose.
    Tensile test on Tor steel Bars
    TOR steel is the best grade of steel used in concrete reinforcement.
    Bend test on plates
    A bend test is used to see whether a specific piece of metal will break or fracture on applied pressure.
    Bend test on pipes
    This is carried out to make sure that a metal is sufficiently ductile to stand bending without any fractures.
    Bend Test on Tor steel
    The reason is to ensure that the weld and the base metal are fused properly, and that the weld metal and the heat affected zone have proper mechanical properties
    Re-Bend test on Tor steel
    This is done to measure the effect of strain on steel.
    Nick Break Test
    This is useful for determining the internal quality of the weld metal. This test reveals various internal defects, like slag inclusions.

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